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Self Hosted & New URL!

June 30, 2011

Hi guys! Tonight’s project is officially transferring my blog to self-hosted with a new domain. The lovely Julie of SavvyEat has helped me switch over and I’m praying everything goes off without a hitch.

PLEASE update your readers with my new URL:


Love you!!


Joy Bauer’s Food Cures Program

June 30, 2011

A few weeks ago I was contacted by to partner with Joy Bauer’s Food Cures program. Usually I don’t dig commercial diet plans, but this one is different.

In case you aren’t familiar, Joy Bauer MS, RD, CDN is the Nutrition Expert for The Today Show. She also works for Yahoo! and Self Magazine and is even one of the guest lecturers at Integrative Nutrition where I’m currently enrolled!

Joy’s program is centered on the idea that diet 100% affects our health. Bad diets can create health problems, but a good diet can help cure or lessen the symptoms of a health problem one currently has. This natural approach to health is one I totally agree with. While I do know there is a time and place for modern medicine, I love that there are ways to get healthy without it.

I received two of Joy’s books to read and review. The first was the guide to her program, “Food Cures”.

This book’s chapters each focus on a common medical or health issue, including weight loss, healthy hair, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, memory, migraines, and even PMS. Each issue is described in detail and it’s common causes are listed. Then Joy goes into how lifestyle and eating habits affects the issue negatively and how food and nutrients can also affect it positively. She disucceses specific foods, vitamins, and nutrients and how they work inside the body. It’s neat to know which foods contain the vitamins that will help put me in a better mood!

At the end of each chapter Joy presents her “Four Step Program“.

  • Step One: Start with the Basics – the first things you should do to help fix your medical issue. (Including see a doctor sometimes!)
  • Step Two: Your Ultimate Grocery List – the foods you should be buying and eating to help your body heel
  • Step Three: Going Above and Beyond – some additional helpful hints like the best multivitamins or adding exercise
  • Step Four: Meal Plans – great breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options that are designed specifically to address the health issue at hand

Admittedly, lots of the recommendations in this book are pretty basic: Lose weight. Eat more whole foods. Eat less processed junk. Do those things and almost ANY health or medical issue will improve. But it’s really nice that Joy has created specialized plans for 16 common problems. For people that are really looking to cure just one or two health concerns through diet and lifestyle changes, this book is perfect. You can dig deep into the problem at hand, figure out if what you’re currently doing might be exacerbating it, and then figure out how each of your meals can start to make it better.  I love that the science behind the food recommendations is given so readers actually learn why they are eating them!

The second book I received was Joy’s cookbook Slim & Scrumptious.

Joy is not a trained chef. She acknowledges that. But she does have great no-fuss recipes for delicious and healthy meals. There are breakfasts, desserts, snacks, soups and salads, and side dishes as well as meat-based, and fish-based mains. I flipped through this cookbook and starting folding down corners like crazy!

Double Chocolate Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce?

Asian Noodle Soup?

Shrimp Scampi with Broccoli Rabe and Red Pepper?

These recipes are perfect for someone simply trying to create healthy meals in the kitchen without getting into crazy ingredients or complicated techniques. I can’t wait to start trying them out in my new Dallas kitchen!

I think Joy Bauer’s Food Cures Program is a great change to the many commercial “diet programs” out there because it’s not a “diet”. It’s not about eating very little calories or removing a food group. It’s about getting healthy, curing real medical problems, and cooking real food. It’s definitely a program I can stand behind!

Overnight Oats…In A Jar!

June 30, 2011

Hi everyone! I have a little pep in my step today because today is my Friday. During the recession my company started “giving” everyone four extra holidays…unpaid. Tomorrow is one of them. So although it’s technically not just a vacation day, it’s still wonderful to have a four-day weekend!

I ended up sleeping pretty well last night so I was excited to get in a good run at the gym. I doubted myself a few times during it, but I ended up completing 7 miles on the treadmill. I started at 6.5 and increased by speed by .1 each half mile until I got to 7.3 at the halfway mark. Then I decreased them in the same fashion until I rounded out the 7 miles.

NOTHING feels better than completing a long run! Even with a blister on my toe:)

After the run I stretched and did workout 1B of New Rules of Lifting before getting ready for work.


I can’t believe I almost didn’t buy this top at the JCrew outlet. It’s become one of my favorites. Just easy and flowy for summer.


Remember yesterday in my Overnight Oats How-To when I mentioned that my almond butter jar was now ready for overnight oats in a jar? Well today was the day! I took this jar…

And turned it into this delicious breakfast!

I made my overnight oats in the jar the exact same way, but instead of adding almond butter on top I will just use the remaining almond butter that was on the sides of the jar. It’s my absolute favorite way to eat overnight oats. Scraping down the sides and getting little bits of almond butter in each bite is so fun!

Lots to finish up at work before this day off tomorrow. Have a wonderful Thursday!

New Favorite Hummus

June 29, 2011

I kind of felt like my head was going to explode all day at work. Between training the new girl (who is awesome and I love her!), constantly being on the phone with moving companies hoping they can actually get my furniture to Dallas on time, and doing extra work since my co-worker is on vacation, I was go-go-go all day. But you know what always makes a stressful day better?

Good food.

I took our newbie to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch, the same place my team took me on my first day. I am constantly blown away by the wonderful options there. They have fantastic salads with seasonal ingredients, whole wheat pizza crust, and even whole wheat pasta. Today I got a grilled vegetable salad that came with artichokes, sundried tomatoes, huge chunks of avocado and grilled shrimp. Amazing. Didn’t freak the new girl out with a picture.

When I got home from work I wanted a filling, yummy dinner and FAST. Enter my favorite TJ’s whole wheat pitas and a new-to-me hummus.

I just randomly picked this off the shelf yesterday because I like to try new types of hummus. HOLY CRAP is this good. And when they say garlic humus, they aren’t kidding! This is the most garlic-y hummus I’ve ever had. And I LOVE garlic. So I LOVE this hummus. I kind of wish my photoshop worked so I could put a halo around the tub in that picture. It’s that good.


Enough about the hummus. I’m going to talk about how I used the hummus at dinner!

I wanted hummus and veggies in a pita, but I also wanted some extra protein. I microwaved some egg whites and added them to the pita along side the garlic hummus, spinach, and salsa.

Eggs and hummus are a REALLY good combo. Or maybe anything and that hummus is a really good combo.

I was very pleased with this dinner. And I’m very pleased that I made the same thing to bring for lunch tomorrow.

Now excuse me while I go eat more of that hummus and enjoy the fact that there is no one home to smell my breath tonight.



How To: Overnight Oats

June 29, 2011

What a hot bowl of oatmeal is to me in the winter, overnight oats are in the summer. I’m not sure who originally thought of the idea, though Angela from Oh She Glows has made her multitude of Vegan Overnight Oat recipes famous. Angela uses just almond milk, oats, and chia seeds to achieve a gelled texture that is fully vegan. Some people use a mixture of milk and yogurt in theirs, but in mine? Just yogurt.

Here’s what you’ll need:

My Version of Overnight Oats Serves One

  • 1/3 cup raw old fashion oats
  • 1 container Oikos 0% plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds
  • 1/2 packet stevia
  • cinnamon
  • splash vanilla
  • 1/2 banana

First place oats and chia seeds in a bowl or jar. I usually make mine in a jar because I think they are fun to eat out of, but I’m going to use a bowl today so you can easily see the process.

Next scoop in the Greek yogurt and top with 1/2 packet stevia, hefty does of cinnamon, and a small splash of vanilla.

Stir this all up with a spoon, adding a splash of water (~2 tablespoons?) to thin it out. The mixture will thicken up overnight so don’t worry if it’s a little thin.

Next thinly slice half a banana on top.

Mix in the bananas, and technically you’re finished!

Well…after you wipe down the sides of your bowl with you’re finger because you’re just a liiiittle bit of a perfectionist.

At this point you can add any toppings you want or just place it in the fridge and wait until the morning. I’ve added nuts, cereal, granola and more, but my favorites are almond butter and fresh berries.

A scoop of almond butter gets dropped on top along with some berries, at which point you freak out if you’re lucky enough to realize your jar is ready for Overnight Oats IN A JAR next!

That’s not part of the recipe. That’s just me being a foodie nerd.

The final step in the recipe is to put your mixture in the refrigerator to cool and thicken overnight. If you just have 30 minutes or a few hours that’s okay too, but you might not want to add as much water.

In the morning you have a grab and go breakfast waiting for you! The yogurt softens the raw oats and becomes super creamy and dense. This is a sweet, protein-packed, incredibly delicious way to eat your oats in the summer.


Orientation Morning

June 29, 2011

Hi guys!

Quick post because my replacement is here and I’ve got to get to work orienting her to the position.

Today I woke up, put on my yoga clothes, and actually WENT. And it was fantastic as usual. One of my favorite ladies in class said she hadn’t seen me in a while and was worried I already left for Dallas without saying goodbye! It’s so nice to feel loved:)


My hair is wavy because I had about .5 seconds to get ready before meeting the new girl. We’ll see what happens to it throughout the day.

I promise I’ll try to look happy in my outfit picture tomorrow.


Overnight oats! How-To post coming this afternoon.

See ya later!


Trader Joe’s Sushi Lover

June 28, 2011

Hi guys! Glad you liked my Breakfast Cookie How-To post. Get ready for another breakfast How-To tomorrow!

Today’s lunch was a can of Amy’s Light Sodium Lentil Vegetable Soup and a whole wheat tortilla. I normally don’t eat a lot of soup in the heat of summer, but I bought this can last night in case my stomach didn’t feel better today. It was my first time trying it and it was really good. I love that the lentils are so filling.

A crunchy apple was the sweet ending I needed after a salty soup.

On the way to the car dealership to get some general maintenance done before the long drive to Dallas I tried a new Vitamin Water Zero flavor. I’m a sucker for any new flavors – especially in gum – but I wasn’t a fan of the “Rhythm”. It kinda made my feel sick. Not like yesterday stomach hurt sick, just kind of “ehh this isn’t tasting good in my body” sick. Know what I mean? No?

And all I could think about while waiting for my car to be ready (except for the IIN class I was listening to!) was SUSHI. I am very easy to please when it comes to sushi and Trader Joe’s package sushi always hits the spot. I ran there on the way home and grabbed their brown rice vegetarian sushi which I paired with some baby carrots for crunch.

SO GOOD. I’m all for fancy restaurant sushi with high quality fish, but this packaged stuff is just as good to me. Call me unrefined. I am.


I had a great surprise at work this afternoon! I got a message from the receptionist saying I had flowers at the front desk. Whaaaa? I have no boyfriend. I have not done anything deserving of flowers lately. Do I have a secret admirer?

Nope, just some co-workers that got me beautiful flowers as a going-away gift! So sweet of them:) I really will miss lots of the people I work with every day. My replacement officially starts tomorrow so my last few days of work will be training her. As soon as the moving company tells me when they need to pack me up it will feel very real. I’m so excited!!


  • Do you like sushi? Are you picky?
  • When was the last time you received flowers?