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On explanations and being busy!

September 22, 2010

Hi again! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGHAN!! Two birthdays in two days. Wish I was there to celebrate with them:(

Irene + Me, Summer 2010

Meghan + Me, NYE 2007. Cute, really.

Meghan + Me, NYE 2007. Cute. Really.








On Explanations…

 So last night after finishing my first blog post, I brought up the blog to my boyfriend. He doesn’t really “get” the whole blog deal. I finally told him that it is important to me because of how much other blogs helped me with my eating disorder recovery. He knows about my eating disorder, but no real details. I’m not sure how much I WANT him to know…I’m worried I might scare him away! But anyway, he was so understanding about everything. He told me it was good that I realized why I wanted to blog and that it would be good for me. He said that he would read it if I was comfortable with it. With regards to the eating disorder, he said he would be there to listen or that we could never talk about it again. Did I mention that I have the best boyfriend in the world? It put me at SUCH EASE to be able to talk to him about it.

Did anyone else have anxieties about releasing more intimate details to friends or family?

On Being Busy…

So I emailed my harp teacher about potentially taking lessons again. I told her I was pretty busy and so the lessons could be bi weekly or even just once a month. I just want a little push to keep myself practicing and to learn some new songs that I can play at gigs. Anyway, that was fine, but she now also wants me to help her teach! In high school I had one student, and I loved it. (Hi Kate!!) It’s not too hard to teach beginning level and I had lots of fun. But now, with full time work and all the other things I’m doing, I’m worried I am going to overexert myself. My teacher needs help with her work load and I wouldn’t mind a little extra money…but is this a stupid idea?


Shout out to MC on being the first to comment on my blog:) Thanks you! Check out her blog about grad school at SCAD!


Mc & Me 2009. This pose is how you'll usually find us:)


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  1. MC Mitsch permalink
    September 22, 2010 5:17 pm

    Once again, LOVE 🙂
    Glad we’re here to support each other’s blogs!

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