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A 5K Mistake

September 23, 2010

Hey-yo! How are you guys? My day had ups and downs, which I’ll get into later, but let’s start with the food.

I woke up before my alarm. That NEVER happens! I didn’t have to get up quite as early today and I guess my body is used getting up before 7am. Anyway, it was kinda nice to be able to RELAX in the morning! I made myself some coffee and watched the today show while I ate a nice pre-race breakfast. I normally wouldn’t eat a normal sized meal before a run, but I had a couple hours before it started so I figured I’d be okay.

I warmed 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread with crunchy Barney Butter and half a banana. I sliced a strawberry onto one of them to test it out…delish! Also, I love crunchy Barney Butter but its much harder to spread and so I think I end up eating more. Anybody else have this problem?

Natural Light! Natural Light!

Next I headed out to Forest Park for my company’s 5K race. We registered and picked up our goody bags (cool chapstick which I needed, my fav. chocolate flavered GU, some nice socks, a towel…pretty good for work!) and then stood around for about an hour. It was actually nice to chat with my team outside of work settings. After a brief talk from the CEO about the fundraiser, it was time to go. I had thought about running it with my co-worker Jillian, but then decided I wanted to try to run it a little faster! I wanted to beat my boyfriend’s time from last weekend, and get a new PR since my current was around 29 minutes. (Jingle Jog last December at school)

I tried to pace myself from the beginning and did well with that even though others were going ahead of me. I ended up passing most of them and finished in 25:59! I thought I was the 3rd girl to finish, and possibly the first in my under 29 age group, but at the awards ceremony I didn’t get announced at all! I found out afterwards that I was actually the fifth girl to finish but that one of the girls that got an award finished in around thirty minutes. They had made a mistake! Not a big deal except the prize was a free pair of New Balances!! Would have been cool, but whatever, I’m happy with my time!

Have you guys ever had problems with races messing up the results?

Jillian and Me After the Race

David and me (buddy!!) showing off our medals

So anyway, we weren’t supposed to have to go into work after the race. The CEO said it was our reward for supporting the cause. But my boss had said we were busy and she would probably want me to come in. After discussing it with other people on my team (many of which decided not to go) I found out I would have almost NOTHING to do at work today and was going to talk to my boss to see if I really needed to. However after the race my boss was nowhere to be found! When she didn’t answer her cell phone either, I decided I had to go in just in case. I was super frustrated, missed lunch, left the event early (missing yoga, dance classes, the raffle!!) and went into work.

I ended up scarfing down an unpictured smores Luna Bar and an apple in the car (speaking of, the breakfast spread included huge Honey Crisps! I’ll take a few of those for later if you don’t mind…). I had a small salad with chickpeas later at work.

When I got into work, my boss wasn’t even there. I did about a half hour of work –all that I could — and then went to find her. She got there (with no apology for the disappearing act) and starting trying to find things for me to do. There was NOTHING. She had to literally create a project and ended up letting me go home at 3:30 anyway. Ugh. So frustrating…I didn’t need to be there and missed such a fun day!

Anyway, look on the bright side – I got a short day at work and got to spend almost two hours reading magazines in the su afterwards!

Dinner came early because I ate at such weird times and I was hangry. I accidentally had opened a can of black bean soup last night instead of regular black beans, so I needed to use that up. It was no salt added and SUPER bland so I added a boatload of cumin and garlic, some black pepper and some siracha. It helped but still not great. On the side I had a flat out with mozzerela laughing cow and some spinach, as well as some pepper slices.

My beautiful photography

Now I’m sitting on the couch waiting for GREYS to start and trying to figure out my work out plan for the weekend. I need to get a 7 mile run in but I have another 5K on Sunday. I could run another 4 after the 5K, but I don’t know if I’d actually do it plus I also want to make sure I can run the 7 miles STRAIGHT. I was going to do it tomorrow, but there is rain in the forecast. I might just plan on doing it after work and see what happens!

Loving having my own blog so far even though it needs tons of work! Let me know your thoughts /  suggestions!

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