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Running on FULL

September 24, 2010

So I woke up not super hungry — not surprising considering my endless snack bowls of pretzels and chocolate chips last night. But so as not to set myself up for failure later, I stuck to a normal breakfast. I planned on working out in the afternoon so I took the time to make breakfast at home –hot oats!!

I don’t think I let the oats cook long enough so the texture wasn’t fabulous and they didn’t taste as good as I remember (when I had them literally every morning second semester). The strawberries on top were kinda weird when they got warm.  The crunchy Barney Butter was definitely the highlight. Maybe I’ll just stick to oatmeal as a snack and overnight oats or toast for breakfast.

Barney Butterrrr

Check out that crunch with my special cinnamon flakes from the Caribbean (thanks mom!!)

Here’s what I used:

1/3 cup old fashion oats

1 cup water

splash vanilla

hefty dose of cinnamon

1/2 very ripe banana whipped in

approx 1/3-1/2 cup pumpkin (still using up the bad organic kind before I break into my Libby’s!)


2 sliced strawberries

1 spoonful barney butter

cinnamon flakes


Anyywayyy…I kinda liked my outfit today! I was inspired by this post from J’s Everyday Fashion.

Taken in the gym locker room at work

I never think to wear monotone! I stuck to white shoes instead of red like J’s, only because I don’t have any. (I work at a shoe company…what’s the deal?!) Anyway, the jacket is The Limited this year, white T from J Crew, J Brand white jeans from TJ Maxx, and shoes from Bakers.

head to toe

What do you guys think? Does it work? Sorry about the flash. I’m seriously too lazy to figure out how to turn it off…especially when I’m late for work!


So the morning was slow, as usual. Read a bunch of blogs. We had a team meeting at lunch so we had to eat at noon and I wasn’t very hungry yet. Hate when I can’t use my hunger cues. I ate my sweet potato + greek yogurt and green beans anyway. (People were interested in the potato + yogurt combo but I swear its good!!) We got to order two flavors of Ben & Jerrys  which is kinda cool. I got pomegranate sorbet scoop and a mango sorbet scoop. Both were good!

Here’s the sitch: Did I want the ice cream at lunch? No. Did I get it so that the rest of my team didn’t think I was an uptight health freak? Yes. Did it semi throw off my eats for the rest of the day because I’m still not good at judging true hunger or fullness levels? Yes.

I hate that this is still a factor and that I can’t just eat without any worry.

I did a stupid thing and got a pack of gum after lunch. I am SO BAD with gum…I go through a whole pack in a day! I just keep chewing and throwing out and it really upsets my stomach. I’ve been really good about just not getting gum at all anymore, but I was craving it today! Anyway, of course I chewed way too much and my stomach felt funny. I ended up eating a fruit kabob left over from some catered lunch, a diet coke (tired for some reason!?) and then my planned snack of a sandwich thin plus 1 tbsp almond butter.

I think out of boredom –still not much work — and a funky ice cream + gum stomach, I wanted MORE. I had a left over wheat roll and then an apple. I knew this would be too much in my stomach for my run, but I just really wanted food! Well, I got what I asked for and I was unpleasantly STUFFED as I headed to the park for my 7 miler.

I drove around for a little to let my stomach settle, but my stomach was still a ROCK as I set out on my run. It went alright and I physically felt fine aside from my stomach. It was only mentally tough as usual. 7 is the farthest I’ve run since my half marathon in April and I’m so glad I got it out of the way since I have another 5k on Sunday and wasn’t sure when I was going to do it.

SIDE FACT: saw a young man masturbating along side the running path at the park! He obviously intended to be seen and I was sooo shocked and just looked away! I didn’t have my phone to call the police. I told the park staff when I finished my run but they said that’s not their job. It actually kind of helped distract me through the rest of the run. GROSSSSS


Anyway my stomach was still uncomfortable after the run. I came home and showered and waited a few hours before I attempted to eat something. I had intended to get my fav. Crazy Bowls but decided to play it safe with some Amy’s soup instead. I had a can of vegetable beefed up with black beans + spinach. On the side I had a sandwich thin with TJ’s hummus and went back for a Flatout with hummus (Hey I ran far!)

Probably not worth showing you

Dessert was two mint chocolate chip sandwich cookies from Trader Joe’s. Delish!

Now I’m watching TV before I head to bed EARLY ON A FRIDAY because I stupidly decided to participate in a work field day type event in the morning. The leader signed me up to volunteer at an event at 8am without asking me…kind of rude, huh? Oh well. I might treat myself to a latte on the way 🙂 Hope my legs aren’t too sore…I probably should have iced them!


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