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Hula Hoop Queen

September 25, 2010

Happy Saturday!

I woke up around 3 am and COULD NOT fall back asleep. I realized there was a big pit in my stomach and I needed food! Seemed weird since I feel like I ate a TON yesterday. I think it was probably dehydration. Oh well, I came downstairs and had two small bowls of cereal (Cascadia Farms kids + total) with almond milk. Did the trick –back to bed.

I woke up before my alarm again around 7am! I ate a big breakfast to hold me over until lunch time –two pieces of ezekiel toast. One with Barney Butter + half banana and one with Smart Balance + raspberry jam.

Pretty fabric on our window seat:)

I left to head to my work event and grabbed a tall soy cappuccino on the way:) My treat! But made it out to be quite the big breakfast, especially after my nighttime cereal!

Just look at that FOAM! I took off the lid and scooped it out with my finger:)


My work event was fun. It was a field day style event between a bunch of the companies in the area. I didn’t know who was participating from my company so it was nice to meet new people and see some familiar faces.

I participated in the obstacle course and was assigned Hula Hooping. (Did you know that one year at summer camp I set a Hula Hooping record by doing it for 1 hour and 4 minutes straight?? Talents.)

We had to wear some sort of cowboy hat the whole time and hula hoop for 20 seconds. Piece ‘a cake. Except the rest of my team didn’t do too hot and we didn’t win. Still fun!!

So into it

Has it been 20 seconds yet??


I stayed to watch a few more events and then started to get antsy. Since it was only 11 am on a Saturday and none of my friends were awake, I decided to head to the farmers market! It was packed and there was a flea market next door…so fun!! I walked around and snapped a few pictures, but thankfully only had a little over $1 in my wallet! I could spend so much on beautiful fresh produce, spices, fish, and apple butters. I came out with a gorgeous hybrid pepper and some carrots to use in my lunch.

bought one!

Awesome, farmer's market!

adorable mini donuts!


So my plan for lunch was to FINALLY make a sardine salad, inspired by Kath’s video! I managed to cut my thumb pretty badly in the process…it’s still bleeding.

Anyway, my salad had some of my new pepper, some carrot, and a jalepeno (seeded) that my dad brought me. I used a little bit of Greek yogurt instead of mayo, some spicy brown mustard, and some Indian seasoning I found in the drawer. Served it up on a bed of spinach with some home made chips for dipping! I just cut up a sandwich thin, sprayed it with cooking spray, sprinkled on garlic and baked until crispy.

Awesomeeee. And I have leftovers for another lunch.

I just had a chocolate brownie Z-bar for dessert and am STUFFED. Breakfast actually held me over over 5 hours because it was so big, and hopefully this will hold me until dinner. I’ve also had three cans of La Croix to hydrate šŸ™‚


Thankfully I realized the Notre Dame game is 2:30 central, not 3:30, so I actually gotta run!! Watching it at a bar with friends. Hopefully we have better luck than we have been.


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