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The Balance Part

September 25, 2010

I love Notre Dame games. This is the first home game I haven’t been at in over 4 years (not including the semester I spent abroad) and it makes me very nostalgic. So when I can’t be there tailgaiting and cheering on the team in person, I head to a bar and watch them with other distanced ND fans!

My Best Friend.

We went to a bar right on SLU’s campus called Humphrey’s. It’s where I spend St. Patrick’s Day also and where my parents used to go when they were at SLU med! We went there because LB and some friends had a volleyball game across the street (Slu-ruba) at 4:15 (perfect half-time timing!) They won!!

Laura couldn't stop laughing. Or the beer couldn't.

I had a total of three beers during the game. Two Bud Selects (of course) and a Bud Light Golden Wheat from a pitcher we got brought on accident. I didn’t intend to drink quite that much, but the game was so awful and I couldn’t help it.

not a football game without a beer

It was a blast hanging out with some of LB’s grad school friends again, as well as some new ND supporting friends! Days like these help me balance all the work and running I do! Things got a little crazy when we were sick of the game (seriously?! why are we so awful?) and were getting to the ends of our beers.


balancing my beer with water:)

balancing her pitcher with nothing.

Notre Dame lost to Stanford. It was terrible. Season is a disappointment so far. Don’t want to talk about it.



I came home after the game and was considering going to a friend’s bonfire, but I’m tired (from the beer!) and it’s kinda raining. I was pretty full but thought I should eat so I made an Amy’s frozen burrito -vegan kind, accidentally bought the gluten free but I like it!. I had the other half of the pepper from lunch and some pretzels with hummus on the side.

Whoever said Trader Joe’s brand hummus is the best was a genius. Its amazing. I want to eat it with a spoon even more that I want to do that with all other hummuses.

I would show you a picture of dinner, but that would probably be just as unappealing as dinner from last night.


Now I’m watching Sweet Home Alabama and drinking tons of water before heading to bed. I’ve got that 5K in the morning and it’s supposed to still be raining:( I’m kinda excited actually..I was going to run it for fun anyway!

Do you guys follow a football team?

Do you have any game-watch traditions?

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