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September 26, 2010

After getting up to go to the bathroom literally at least 5 times last night (worth it for the hydration / and lack of hangover?) I awoke bright and early. RACE DAY!

I had some coffee and half a banana with barney butter before heading to LB’s to meet up.

Artsy or gross? You be the judge.

We met two of her guy friends at Forest Park for the Roc Star 5K to fight Ovarian Cancer. Andy’s grandmother died of Ovarian Cancer and he asked us to run with him to support the cause.

It was COLD AND RAINY. The midwest weather is so finnicky! The boys had picked up our race packets for us so we just sat in the car until about 15 minutes before race time to keep warm.

We decided just to run the race together and for fun. At some point we discussed leap frogging the whole race. Andrew goes “man, our thighs would be like NUTCRACKERS”.

Confused? So was I. Apparently he just meant they would be super strong to the point where we could crack nuts in the back of our knees. I’m not sure if that analogy really works, but I’ll give it to him:)

So we headed out on the race and stuck together at the beginning. I didn’t even bring my ipod!! Eventually the speedy boys ditched us and LB and I chatted throughout the rest. I felt like I was BOOKING IT but maybe its just because I wasn’t very warmed up?

Official race times aren’t released yet but my Garmin said my pace was 8:23 –faster than my Garmin pace of 8:26 on Thursday. Problem is my distance today said 3:13 and on Thursday it said 3:07. Anyway…according to my pace I ran a 5K in  25:58 which is a PR! I guess we’ll see what happens when official times go up.

Post Race - Andrew, Me, Andy, LB

I desperately needed to get some strength in after the race, so I headed to my gym. I did 15 minutes on the stairstepper (highest level and it felt like a breeze. broken maybe?) then I stretched, did some abs, light leg work and a little bit of arms. Not a very intense work out but at least I did it, right??

I headed home and RUSHED to shower and eat something before church. I made two Vans Belgian waffles with pumpkin yogurt on top. My yogurt was 2/3 container of plain 0% Oikos + a scoop of pumpkin + a little stevia and a lot of cinnamon. It tasted SOOO GOOOOD.

Ate it with my hands!


After church I dried my hair and messed around a little. Then my dad, brother and I went to the Rams game. Funny statistic: The Redskins have lost 1o out of their last 11 away games. The Rams have lost 27 out of their last 28 games. Period.

Well that CHANGED! WE ACTUALLY WON! I swear the city is going to have a Parade. It was so refreshing after such terrible ND play lately:) Guess I’ll have to go again!


Lunch was an unpictured Dr. Praeger’s + hummus on a sandwich thin and a big Honey Crisp apple snuck into the game. I also proceeded to buy a bottle of water for $5.75 since they wont let you bring drinks in. $5.75? and they don’t even give you the lid so you wont throw it. That much for a bottle I can’t even reuse? I was peeved.


My dad and brother went to grab dinner but I had a creation in mind – plus I like to spend Sunday nights relaxed at home. I made a layered bowl of brown rice, mixed veggies, black beans reheated in veggie broth + spices, salsa, and a fried egg. YUMMM


And now I’m talking to the BF and getting ready for bed! It was a great day but I’m tired.


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  1. Katya permalink
    September 27, 2010 1:40 pm

    How was the nutcracker comment at all confusing…?

    • September 27, 2010 1:41 pm

      Well he just said it with no explanation and thighs and nutcrackers are not two things commonly associated…just didn’t get what he was trying to say at first!!


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