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On Living At Home

September 27, 2010

Hi Again!

This morning started with my usual Monday 6:30 am Bikram Yoga. Funny – I got so nervous that I was going to sleep through my alarm that I woke up every ten minutes between 5 and 5:50. Guess I really like yoga!

Breakfast at work was a repeat of the Waffles + Pumpkin Yogurt I had yesterday, except I added half a banana. I need to start measuring out my pumpkin yogurt ingredients because today’s didn’t taste quite as good as yesterday’s. Still creamy and sweet against the crisp toasted waffle…just not perfect.

I'm really gonna have to do something about these work photos. Sorry. I got my first stare today

Lunch was left over sardine salad + toast and an unsweetened apple sauce. Photo taken last night when I was packing it up. The apple sauce was just the sweetness I needed after the spicy and salty sardine salad. I’m sure the other people at my lunch meeting really appreciated my meal.

Snack(s) were a Smores Luna Bar (my fav!) and some cinnamon oatmeal. Carb much? I could just feel myself getting a little hungry again at 4 and knew that if I held off on eating I would end up over doing it later. Hopefully this works.


My outfit today –first day wearing my new fall pants from H&M. It’s finally chilly!

Sweater - Banana Outlet. Pants - H&M. Shoes, Belt & Cami - Target.

I like the outfit but think maybe I need some sort of big chunky necklace. I’m SO BAD with accessories – I wear the same necklace, rings, and watch every day!

There is plenty of jewelry I see that is beautiful, but WAY too expensive to justify! I guess I’m just the type that would much rather buy another shirt than a great necklace.

How would you guys accessorize this outfit?

What type of girl are you – clothes or accessories?


So on my way home from work I stopped by Whole Foods mainly to get some more Justin’s packets to bring with me to Florida this weekend. I really wasn’t craving anything for dinner –usually I’ve decided what I want to make by noon! I was thinking sushi, but of course hot bar called my name.

Clockwise from top left we have some sort of corn salad, a tofu dish, the vegan fajita mix, and some sauteed veggies. I realized I did it all wrong by putting it on a bed of lettuce, because by the time I’m ready to eat the hot food will be cold but I don’t want to microwave the lettuce! Hmph.

I decided to call my mom and see if she and my dad would want something also. She was already defrosting some chili for the two of them so my hot bar trip was solo. This brings up a topic –Living At Home

After graduation I moved back home to save money since my job is only about 15 minutes away. There are definite perks – fantastic amenities :), free meals, no bills, good company – but there are also struggles. After getting used to living on your own for 4 years, it’s hard to be under your parent’s roof again!

A few issues that have come up recently:

1. Cooking and Family dinners:

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the idea of family dinners. Its a great way to spend quality time together, and has shown fantastic results in creating happy healthy children. However, family dinners kind of fell by the wayside once all of us kids got older and had differing busy schedules. Now that the whole family doesn’t even live together they seem a little pointless. What kind of family dinner is it when only one of the three kids is there?

Add to the problem that I love to cook and I love to cook vegetarian . As I said earlier, I usually am craving something specific for dinner or have found some inspiration from a blog that day. I’d be happy to cook for my family, but they aren’t as in to trying to “weird healthy” foods that I eat. One time I told my mom I would make a Mexican dish similar to what I had last night, but she ended up creating an entirely different meal for my dad so he could have some chicken. When my mom cooks (which is unpredictable since my parents often have meetings and things) she usually makes a meat dish, requiring me to find a different source of protein anyway.

The idea of eating two different things at two different times (they like to eat way later than me) created tension at first, but it’s actually died down. I think the tension stemmed from the fact that avoided eating with my family when I had my eating disorder, and they assumed it was happening now for the same reason. Once they realized that I was eating regular amounts of food they were more okay with me  cooking for myself. I’m thankful for this, but still try to find some meals they will eat with me when I can!

2. Chores

I don’t have any “chores” per se, but it is understood that I will do my own laundry, keep my room and whatever space I am using clean, clean up in the kitchen and help with the dishes. It has been this way since high school and was never too much of a problem because I’m pretty organized and cleanly.

However, Mothers take cleanliness to a whole new level. A finger print on the cabinet handle? A few specs of broccoli in the sink? The stove top hasn’t been completely wiped down? I understand her frustration since I have lived with roommates that weren’t as meticulous as I am, but it is frustrating when I feel like I did clean up after myself! I feel like at some point kitchens were meant to be cooked in, and a good deep cleaning can happen every once in a while but isn’t necessary after every. single. meal. Oh well…I try to do better to make her happy. I just keep remembering “I’m not paying rent. I’m not paying rent.”

Laundry isn’t as big of a deal. I do mine when I need to and she does hers & my father’s. But sometimes there are towels in the dryer that I don’t fold. Or I leave my stuff in the dryer when she wants to use it and she just dumps it in a basket to wrinkle all day. Obviously there are plenty of good times when we help each other out, but they often don’t get recognized. Just keep trying harder and being mindful!

3. Moods

I am the type of person that needs some alone time. I loved having a single down the hallway from my friends because I could be social when I chose, but be alone when I chose. And lots of time after spending all day at work, I just want to chill and have some quiet time! This doesn’t bode well for the “Hi! How was your day? Tell me everything! Do you feel okay? Can you help me with this? The kitchen is dirty again!” conversations that my parents like to have the MINUTE I walk in the door.

I’ve told them that I’d like to get settled in at home and eat some dinner before I chat, but they think that is rude. Basically any time I’m in a bad mood –which I admit can be semi-often with the stress of being unsure about my job, missing my boyfriend, making new friends, still fighting some ED issues, and ahem being a GIRL — they get really angry with me. I try to give myself a pep talk about being more up beat, talkative, and friendly and sometimes it works, but other times I would prefer to just let it be. Another thing I’m working on.

When this happens I think of the BF and his family. One of the reasons he makes me a better person is because I try to emulate is seemingly constant happiness, willingness to help, and go with the flow attitude. Thanks Lex:)


So there was a boring, picture-less rant from me. Sorry about that, but its something I struggle with and it felt good to let it out.

Does anyone else experience any of these same issues?

Did any one move back home after college and have some advice?

Time for mindless TV watching! Night.

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  1. September 27, 2010 8:49 pm

    I’m not really an accessories type of girl…I’d much rather have hte focus on my outfit 🙂

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