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Mourning the Cards

September 29, 2010

First, I’d like to take a moment of silence for the 2010 St. Louis Cardinals.

Thanks. The Reds clinched last night, my boyfriend is on cloud nine, and I’m left clinging to Notre Dame and Rams football.


A happier topic! Even though I didn’t sleep all that well, I got up to go to yoga and of course didn’t regret it. Here’s what I look like after Bikram. I’ve been asked if I went swimming!


That is what I look like as I run into the gym at work to shower. One time a friend saw me from the window. She was going to make fun of “that sweaty girl that looks half naked” until she realized it was me. Fantastic.

Speaking of the gym at work, there have tons of cute little inspirational signs everywhere. They’re great, except some of them drive me crazy because the emphasis is on the wrong word! Check it out:

Shouldn't it be "Don't just THINK you can" ??

"See ya TOMORROW" ??

Silly, but I can’t help but wonder every time I look at them!


Breakfast at work was the same as yesterday – Pumpkin yogurt, flax seed, half a banana, and Cascadia Farms cereal.

BUT WAIT – just when you thought I couldn’t add another boring beige food item, I topped it with some sliced almonds.

If you eat with your eyes first, I just lost my appetite.


I’ve shown you my first two outfits of the week, so why stop now? Today was a little bit more corporate than yesterday and incorporated my new black GAP pants! I believe these are the skinny leg fit. I love their new line!

Shirt - Aerie, Pants - Gap, Belt - Forever 21, Shoes - DSW

AND half way through the morning I was asked to test out these BEAUTIFUL Vera Wang Lavender flats! Apparently the put a new treatment on the leather and wanted to make sure they didn’t turn my feet black. Thankfully they didn’t!

I'm hoping to score a free pair for helping out šŸ˜‰


Lunch was eaten outside on another perfect day. I picked up the “Best of St. Louis” issue of the River Front Times to read. Love to read reviews of new restaurants, art exhibits, bands etc. So much stuff I want to do!! I am falling in love with my city now that I’ve moved back.

Dr. Praegers with spinach and hummus on a Sandwich Thin, Edamame, Apple

Snack was a Smores Luna Bar and my standard La Croix.

Did you want to see it before I inhaled it? Oops!


I came home right after work to PACK and get ready for my trip to see Alex!! BTW I won’t be posting while I’m down there, but I’ll be sure to take tons of pictures for an update when I get back.

I made a quick dinner –actually the same wrap from last night, minus the strawberries, plus a handful of wheat thins. I didn’t take a new picture, but you get the idea. I successfully used up the rest of the black beans, spinach, egg whites, salsa, and broccoli. A successful meal if you ask me.

I’m sorry my food has been so boring lately, but since the whole family is leaving town we aren’t buying any fresh produce to work with. I’ll try to get more creative next week. I need some squash in my life and something tells me I won’t be having any at Alex’s this weekend.


I had my second volleyball game tonight! We got our T-shirts (Sugar & Spikes!) and actually had a full team. We played way better, but still ended up losing. TONS more fun than last week though!! Here are some action shots.


Then I picked up my FAVORITE Pretzel M&Ms on the way home because I’d been craving them all day and I’m trying to honor my cravings! They were fantastic but the bag is always gone too quickly.


My mom gave the sex talk to my grade school tonight (yes my mother gives the sex talk, she gave it to my class also. Love her, but it’s not the coolest thing for a mom to do!). Anyway she got these delicious “chocolate drop” cookies from an old bakery on The Hill as a gift. Since we are going out of town tomorrow I figured it would be a shame to have them go to waste and promptly devoured both. And I don’t regret it one bit. My tummy is happy!


And now I REALLY need to go to bed since I have a 5:30 am wake up call! Getting dropped off at work so I don’t have to leave my car there over the weekend. It’s gonna be a tiring day but I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE LEX!! Adios!

Are you guys on any sports teams?

Do you follow any of your city’s teams?

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