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I’ve Missed You, Crazy Bowls

October 4, 2010

Survived another Monday! I’m still working on my Florida recap – hopefully hope later tonight or tomorrow morning!

I’d like just briefly address the drama happening over the Marie Claire article. I definitely found it one sided and think it was irresponsible for the author to generalize healthy living blogs in such a negative way. The six women featured are fantastic role models. Sure I’ve come across a few bloggers that may seem to verge on the unhealthy side, but they are RARE and it’s definitely not my place to judge someone when I don’t know the whole situation. And maybe a few readers have been negatively affected by reading about the meals and exercise habits of others, but everyone is different.

I have used the blogs as inspiration to get creative with my meals, to push myself harder when I exercise, but also to learn that it’s okay to splurge and have fun! It’s okay to take a rest day or to be extra hungry one day! This positive influence is what caused me to start a blog of my own, and I am eternally grateful to this blogging community. I feel terrible that those six women were deceived about the nature of the article and that their quotes were taken out of context.

I’m sure most of you that read this agree with me and I’m not pointing out anything revolutionary, but I thought I’d just say my piece and leave it at that.


Phew. Okay. How about a few more outfits! I think these might be the last outfit pictures for a while…I was thinking about what to wear tomorrow and am completely out of ideas.


Top - Forever 21, Belt - with a dress from Express, Leggings - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - Bakers

Here’s some close-ups  of the shoulder detail and the psuedo-stirrup leggings:

Dresses up a plain t-shirt!

Kinda strange? I bought them a few years ago but like them!

Today’s outfit incorporated my new sweatshirt – shirt from Forever 21:) I bought it because it feels like a sweatshirt but the shoulder detail dresses it up a bit for work. Definitely a great thing to where when you are exhausted from the weekend and sad to be back in colder weather!

Lazy Girl's Outfit

Detail close up. The military trend!


So after a draining weekend of lots of drinking, not so healthy eating, and not so existent exercising, I had to make up my 8 mile training run. I ran after work and used the “If you park and run 4 miles away, you have to get back” method. I’m not going to be able to do very many long runs after work anymore because it was pretty dark when I finished!

The run was decent – took around 1 hour and 15 minutes averaging about 9:30 miles. Not fast, but I’m really just happy that I’m FINISHING these runs at all! I’m pretty nervous about the half marathon coming up in a few weeks and do not feel prepared at all. All these weekend trips are using up valuable training time so I’m going to have to start committing myself more if its going to go well.

Training for this half marathon is so different than my first due to having a full time job. In school I had so many options of when to run since classes were sporadic throughout the day. When I have limited options the runs start to feel more like a chore and I don’t like it!!


My post-run dinner treat was my favorite: Crazy Bowls! For those of you that don’t have this chain, I’m sorry. It’s a healthy eaters dream with options for brown rice, quinoa, extra veggies, tofu, and a variety of sauces!

It's been too long

There are so many good things on the menu, but I’m boring and stick to the one I know I love: Tofu Veggie bowl, Brown Rice, Jalepeno Cilantro sauce, Light Rice & Extra Veggies.

I put it in my own bowl at home to heat it up in the microwave.

I ate this while sitting on the couch icing my calves and knees.

Hot, I know.

That would be some frozen green beans and edamame.


Just had a bowl of cereal and almond milk to up my calories a little more after my long run. Time to watch some Say Yes to the Dress and work on that St. Pete’s recap!

I’ve been telling more people about the blog (friends and family) so hi to anybody new!!

  • Have you guys ever tried Crazy Bowl and Wraps?
  • How do you deal with longer runs when the days start to get shorter?
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