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October 5, 2010

Hey guys!

I have had an appointment every Tuesday morning for the last 2 months, so it was crazy to be able to exercise this morning! Yes, I’m an idiot and decided to run again less than 12 hours after my 8 miler, but I wanted to be able to run errands this afternoon! My legs felt okay and I just did 4 miles of speed work similar to last week, then meandered around to do some stretching, abs, and some machines. I have no motivation in weight training. Gotta find a class or something.

My outfit today was nothing special, as I warned you yesterday.

When in doubt, wear all black. I’m not sure how much longer I can pull off that bright blue sweater anyway. I need outfit ideas! I don’t want to wear black pants and sweaters every day this winter. This is me soliciting advice from any fashionistas out there.

I got to work to find out that my debit card number had been stolen and someone thought they should put 15 $1 charges on it at 6am this morning. Really? That’s all you’ve got? What a waste of a stolen identity. Anyway, had to talk to the bank and get that one taken care of.

My watch is also broken meaning I thought it was 20 past the hour all day…not good when you’re on your lunch break.

Breakfast was a normal pumpkin yogurt bowl, lunch was SUBWAY (another craving I haven’t had in a while!). Got a veggie on honey oat with pepper jack cheese. I think she put extra cheese on by accident but it was gooood.

I was snacky all afternoon and had an apple, Luna bar, and then randomly craved seaweed salad? Yeah I ran to the grocery store by work to get it at 4pm. Had to have it, what can I say! Then during my grocery shopping at Whole Foods I knew I wouldn’t make it until dinner, so I had a pear. First pear of the season and SOO yummy!

Speaking of dinner….since I finally went grocery shopping I was able to COOK! I think I was inspired by Evan’s recent quinoa recipes.

a meal that involve pots and pans!

I made a 1/2 cup of quinoa with part water, part vegetable stock. I also baked some squash (sweet potato in the picture is for later use) and sauteed some red pepper, garlic and onion.

Mixed that all together with a big dollop of hummus and some spices and it was great! Classic example of how I cook…see what ingredients I have and what sound goods and just make it up! I wasn’t super hungry after all that snacking so I packed up half for lunch tomorrow.

Dessert was a fudge pop I found in the freezer. Great find…


Before I go, I wanted to comment on Kailey’s awesome post about getting back into modeling. It was very candid and it was brave of her to share such a sensitive topic. I think her attitude is great…she KNOWS she is thin, but she also understands the industry she’s getting into. I truly hope she can maintain her commitment to staying the way she is and that she gets some fantastic jobs!

The post hit home with me because I, too, have been many different sizes and weights. At none of them was I drastically over weight, but the media sure made it seem that way. I lost weight as a result of fixing my relationship with food but also because I wasn’t happy with my body. It was what was best for me and I did it in a healthy way. Even now as my weight fluctuates it’s important to remember that it is not the size or weight that matters, but the health and happiness!

Thanks again, Kailey!


Your turn:

  • How do you cook? With recipes or just on the fly?
  • How the heck do I keep my outfits fun during the winter??
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