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A weekend in M&Ms

October 10, 2010

So I lied about posting this weekend. We didn’t know the internet password in the condo we stayed at! Oh well – just get ready for a big recap. It was a great weekend!


Friday started with a fake work day. I call it fake because I didn’t actually work. Here’s my casual Friday outfit – ready for a shoe sale and volunteering!

Shirt - Polo, Jeans - Gap, Shoes - Rainbows

At 10 am I went to my first “shoe sale”. This is where the company gets ALL of its left over shoes together and sells them for $5 each. People go crazy over these things! Here is the line 10 minutes before it opened:

The madness when I got in there:

And an hour later when everything had been picked through:

I made out with 5 pairs of shoes – 2 pairs of flats for me, and 3 pair of sample size 6 to give to some friends. Overwhelming.



Lunch was the exact same thing I ate Thursday. Then I headed to a service project with other young people from my company. My service site was a daycare and pre-school for underprivileged kids called Caroline Mission. When we got there the kids were napping, so we put up Fall decorations.









Then it was play time!! I spent time with the babies and then 1 to 1 1/2 year olds. They were SO PRECIOUS. Check out these faces:





After volunteering, I hopped in the car to head to Notre Dame! I stopped at Subway for dinner and then got my obligatory bag of M&Ms (I LOVE M&Ms but rarely eat them because I have no portion control. They are a car trip fav).

I headed to bed when I got there and was up bright and early for my 9 mile run. Had a pre-run breakfast of 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread with almond butter and banana plus some coffee and let it settle for about an hour. Then I was off.  I was SUPER EMBARRASSED to be running on a game day morning! I always make fun of the girls that run while I’m out there drinking 🙂 But I needed to get this training run in and knew it was not going to happen on Sunday AFTER a day of drinking.

I thought I could avoid people by going at 9am, but I ended up running (HA literally) into about 3 people I know. I got some grief, but brushed it off :)I did the 9 miles in around 1 hour and 24 minutes and felt great. It is SO MUCH better to run around a gorgeous campus than a boring trail! Just check out where I was running. I got back and iced my legs for a little bit, then headed to campus to tailgate!


Yay 9 miles!




I grabbed lunch at a Notre Dame favorite – Studebagels!

I have started to do this instead of relying on meat-heavy tailgate options. I got a whole wheat bagel with hummus + veggies. Delicious, as always.

Throughout the day I snacked on some fruits and veggies, an oatmeal raisin cookie, a Smores luna bar right before the game, and 3 beers:)


Little Bro Kev & Me


Girls! Me, Kim, Alex, K, Dani


Dad, Shirtless Kev, Me - The Brady Domers!

Watched the game with my dad – had an apple and water during the game. WE WON! Definitely should have won by more thanks to some questionable calls by the Refs, but a win is a win.



After the game my dad and I went to Mass and then out to dinner at Bar Louie. Kevin was supposed to join us but feel asleep as usual. I had the Mediterranean Salmon and a Bud Light Lime. The Salmon came with an artichoke, spinach, and caper mixture that was a bit too salty for me. The tabouli was bland and I only had a few bites. I picked up some Pretzel M&Ms for dessert, because I was on “vacation”. And because I’m addicted.



I have to admit it was INCREDIBLE to not be super drunk and hungover after the game. I absolutely love crazy tailgating and drinking with friends, but I do not love feeling so awful afterwards. It was a wonderful change to have a more calm weekend and wake up Sunday feeling rested and well.

I passed out at 10:30 on Saturday night (my legs were not thrilled to have been up and around all day after that run) and woke up around 8am. I had a leisurely breakfast on the deck – AB toast + banana and some coffee – before packing up.









Before I got in the car, I wanted to get my legs moving. The weather was PERFECT this weekend (actually HOT at the game) so I took a walk around the lakes. Notre Dame has a drop dead gorgeous campus and I brought my camera to capture it. Take a look. If you’ve never visited campus – do it. There is a reason people visit and fall in love…



I grabbed lunch at another Notre Dame favorite – Lulas. It’s a little hippie cafe with great vegetarian options, poetry readings, and occasional live music. Great for studying, coffee dates, and a good wrap:)

I got my usual – veggie hummus wrap, no cheese, no olives. Veggies on the side. I also got a huge honey crisp.









Car ride snacks were peanut butter M&Ms (really? you’re surprised? I had to go 3 for 3 on the weekend), and a soy latte from Starbys.



When I got home, some cooking and baking ensued. I’ll put that in a separate post since this one is ungodly long already.


  • Do you guys have any car trip food traditions?
  • Any favorite campus eats that you miss?



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