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Oops I Did It Again

October 11, 2010

Oh hey there!

My day has had ups and downs. Among them, I totally forgot about my doctor’s appointment this morning, but then got a 15 minute stress relief acupuncture treatment during lunch. It was part of a package you could buy as a donation to United Way. It did not hurt at all and I definitely felt more relaxed, but that could also just be because I got to lay down for 15 minutes:)


Here’s my outfit for the day:


Top – Banana Republic, Sweater – J Crew Outlet?, Pants – J Brand from TJ Maxx, Shoes – AE, Necklace – Urban Outfitters

I put this together to match my new flats that I bought at the Shoe Sale on Friday! They are American Eagle and super cute. I love the navy and blue together and that they actually look pretty dressy.



I was feeling a little full from so much chocolate the night before, so I made a green monster for breakfast with a frozen banana, spinach, chocolate amazing grass, almond milk and ice. I actually ate the rest of the Kabocha squash with it. Random…but it was in the fridge and I knew the smoothie wouldn’t hold me completely.

Lunch was a sweet potato, the left over quinoa/onion/brussel sprout mix, and a gigantic honey crisp apple. I actually think the honey crisps are TOO big lately!


outside on a nice day

That jar in the background is a cool grindable cinnamon that my mom brought me from a trip in the Caribbean. Also, I love the sweet potatoes that come in plastic wrap and are microwavable. They actually always turn out better than when I try to bake a sweet potato. Does anyone know what the deal with these are…are they any different than regular sweet potatoes? Why does the plastic wrap magically make them cook in 7 minutes?



I had SO MUCH ENERGY for my run after work. (I didn’t do Yoga OR speed work like I was deciding between last night. Sorrryyy)  It looked like it was about to rain (and I secretly wish it had so I could feel like a running B.A.) but I needed to get up some pent up tension out and went anyway. I ran a 10K in around 55 minutes and felt great. I was a little full after my lunch and then oatmeal+AB snack, but maybe it was that fuel that gave me so much energy!



I wasn’t super hungry for dinner. I made a microwavable Amy’s Indian wrap. It was actually really good and full of spinach:)

Dessert was my first fruity smoothie in forever! I always make green monsters, but Amazing Grass sent me little sample packs when I placed my last order and I wanted to use one. My smoothie had frozen cherries, almond milk, a Mixed Berry amazing grass packet, and some ice.

Served up in a cool little glass…it was DELICIOUS. Need to do this more for dessert!



There are two little topics I want to address tonight.

1. Heather’s recent post on blogger guidelines, and the following comment discussion, got me thinking about my own little bloggette. It is brand new and doesn’t have many readers, so I haven’t felt like a super big part of the issue. However, if I intend to get more readers I should take some of this stuff to heart. I am still undecided on most of the issues so I don’t want to make a final statement yet, but I DO want to address why I blog.

I blog for me. I write about my day because a nightly recap is relaxing. I write about issues that are bugging me or on my mind because writing about them helps me sort through them. I have a disclaimer at the bottom of my “about me” section saying I am not a nutritionist and I fully admit the fact that I still have eating issues. I hope that other people enjoy reading this but that no one tries to use me as an example of perfect health.

If the blog gets bigger, these issues may need to be revisited and I understand that. But for now, I think I’m alright:)



2. Yesterday I made a mistake an eating mistake. This is the “oops I did it again” part of the post. I kept eating even though I wasn’t hungry. This happens to me commonly on car trips or when I’m in atypical situations. Even though I had just read part of an Integrated Nutrition book about knowing your own body and how it feels after eating certain foods, I ate those foods anyway. You see, there are a few things that I cannot stop eating once I start:




Chocolate Chips






Yesterday I bought two of these things in the car – M&Ms and gum. The M&Ms are okay because the little packets are already portion controlled, but when I buy a pack of gum I always eat the entire thing in one day. I just always want a new piece! All the chewing and artificial sweetener makes me super bloated. Add to that the diet coke and carbonated water I was drinking, along with the squash, cookies, and dark chocolate and it made for one unhappy tummy.

I just never learn. I shouldn’t buy myself gum. I didn’t need the extra chocolate after dinner. I didn’t need to go back for more squash. But I get in these mindsets where if I know I’m going down that path, I just let it happen and keep going. I was literally in pain at one point last night from being so full and bloated. It is definitely an area I need to work on…maybe some deep breaths, yoga, or a long walk when I feel it starting to happen will help. Also the simple self control to just NOT eat or buy the trigger foods!


  • Does anyone have suggestions about this or similar experiences to share?
  • What can you not stop eating?


Hope you guys had a great Monday!!

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  1. Emily permalink
    October 11, 2010 9:46 pm

    are those pants white?! I have a super cute pair of white skinny jeans that I can’t wear in the summer, but I’m scared to break the “after Labor Day” rule…is that old fashioned?!?

    I can definitely sympathize with the not being able to stop eating thing. but the thing is, i wish i could experience that again. yiiikes, i still have reached that point in ‘recovery’ where I would let myself do such a thing. Just hearing you talk about it though, it seems so freeing. So while it may be frustrating to you, it’s something I admire 🙂

    • October 12, 2010 9:02 am

      Emily – yes they are white! I kinda wish they were skinnies though. And I don’t obey any fashion rules…maybe that’s a mistake on my part but it’s too limiting for me! I feel like as long as you “winterize” the other parts of the outfit, it should be fine.

      And it’s so interesting to hear a different perspective on the eating issue. I guess I should look on that bright side and realize that I definitely do not have a food limiting issue anymore. But it’s still a problem…just a different one!

      Thanks for the comment:)

  2. October 12, 2010 10:32 am

    I love your outfit! So cute!!! And I also loved hearing your thoughts about the blogging stuff. I just recently did a post that related to the topic as well.

    Also, I think its admirable you share those struggles. It opens you up and allows for reflection and support from others. I’ve been there where I felt out of control with eating. I know, for me, it helped to distract myself with other things. Also, I even at times made myself have those types of products consistently in my house. I lost control for awhile, but eventually knowing that they were always available made them less appealing and then I could keep things within reason.

    • October 12, 2010 12:05 pm


      Thanks for the compliments!! Maybe having these products around will help instead of avoiding them. It’s definitely something to consider…thanks for the tip!

  3. Danielle permalink
    October 12, 2010 2:36 pm

    Dear Clarey,
    I’m so proud of you for this blog, it looks amazing and is so interesting to read (and did I mention inspiring??) I of course hopped on right away when I heard about it 🙂 Love you so much and miss you! I was actually telling Courtney about your Green Monsters yesterday when she asked why I had powder in the cabinet. hehe. There’s still a little part of you in my cupboard, even all the way out here in Columbus!

    Keep up the amazing work on this. You know I’ll be reading it religiously and keeping up with your awesome life.

    Love ya!


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