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“Are you a Health Fanatic?”

October 12, 2010

Hi Guys!

This morning was so drastically different than yesterday! I got in a good workout and we had a proto review which means I got to hang out with all the cool higher ups in my division and talk about shoes. 🙂 No bad moods to be found.

I got in some speedwork at the gym this morning but switched up my normal routine. Today I did 4 miles in around 32 or 33 minutes and it looked like this:

  • 1 mile at 6.7mph
  • .25 mile at 7.5
  • .25 mile at 7
  • .25 mile at 8
  • .25 mile at 6.7
  • **repeat mile 2 speeds for mile 3**
  • .25 mile at 7.5
  • .25 mile at 8
  • .25 at 7
  • .25 at 6.5

Did some stretching/abs/light weights then called it a day morning. Done and done. I get to watch The Today Show for part of my runs when I go to the gym which is so great! I used to get up every morning in high school and watch the Today Show while eating breakfast. I started this way back when it was still Katie Couric and before the awesome Koda & Kathie hour started. Now I barely ever watch, so it’s nice to get in some news time before work occassionally!


My outfit from today, which I probably should have tried on before I picked out. I’ve had this purple leopard print sweater since high school during my mild emo/punk rock stage. Not really a fan today. Hmph. Can’t win every time.


Sweater: H&M, Shirt: ??, Skirt: Old Navy, Shoes: Target





So since we had this morning meeting, I brought my breakfast with me. I had AT LEAST five people ask me what I was eating! For the record, it was greek yogurt + pumpkin and flax seed, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 a pear, and some cereal. All of my co-workers are fascinated by this combination – maybe because it just looks kinda funny all mixed up? I mentioned that yogurt + fruit + cereal is really not a strange breakfast combination.


Actually my breakfast pre-made for tomorrow, but it's the same as today



But today, two co-workers told me they had had similar breakfasts this morning. One even included flax seed in his!! Another, however, asked if “I was some sort of health fanatic”. I responded that yes, to some degree, I am a health freak. I shouldn’t be embarrassed about saying that, but I always feel a little funny when people are judging what I eat. Just because I eat healthy-ish foods doesn’t mean I restrict or eat too little. I think I’m still weary about people thinking I have an eating disorder.

Oooh well. I think I might try making some SuperCharge Me cookies or healthy muffins to bring in and let everyone try! That’s a good way to have people enjoy my eating habits instead of just watching, right?



Lunch was another Amy’s burrito over some spinach and chopped bell peppers. Today I had the Mexican kind, not Indian like last night. I also had a massive honey crisp for dessert.

I had some mint tea and the usual oatmeal/AB combo as a snack, and then came right home to get started on dinner!

I had sweet potato & black bean chili in mind since I had all the ingredients on hand, and ended up using a combination of the Fitnessista’s and this Eating Well recipe. Here’s what I did:



sauteed onion and garlic


Added bell pepper, carrot, and spices


Added sweet potato and veggie broth


Added a can of diced tomatoes and a rinsed can of black beans, and let it simmer


It made a LOT more than I expected, and I had considered using two sweet potatoes! I made myself a bowl for dinner and put the rest in a leftovers container.


In a Buddha Bowl with some Daiya on top!


Seriously delicious.



I love that I just used the rest of whatever veggies I had in the fridge and created a hybrid recipe based on what I was feeling. My favorite way to cook!

Next up…dessert!




Before I go, a few bloggie questions:



  • Do you guys receive emails with my comment replies?
  • Is there a way to automatically let other bloggers know when I link to them in a post?


K goodnight guys! And hey to any friends, since I let them in on my secret project today:)

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  1. MC Mitsch permalink
    October 13, 2010 8:00 am

    Your meals all look so good!

  2. October 13, 2010 9:23 am

    I haven’t ever received an email when you have replied to my comments, I just check the next time I read your blog. I’m not sure about the other question, I’m still a newby to blogging as well.

    • October 13, 2010 9:39 am

      Hmmm thanks for letting me know. I’d like to have an email happen so people know I’m replying! Time to search wordpress 🙂

  3. October 15, 2010 7:21 pm

    Whenever someone links to a POST in my blog, I get an email and a trackback “comment” to that post. It looks something like this

    […] text from the post that the person is tracking to […]

    When somebody links to my blog home page (, I do not get any notification since it’s my general blog address. So from now on, when I link to someone, I link to their “about” page and IF they set up their blog to receive trackback comments, they will get a comment on their “about” page/post.

    Hope this makes sense 🙂


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