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Stupid Bladder.

October 13, 2010

Before I get to my lame-o day, I wanted to let the healthy living blog world that we might not have it that bad. Just check out this article I found in St. Louis’ River Front Times newspaper. This woman just recently got fired when her company found out about the promiscous sex blog she’s been writing for years. YIKES.



Now onto less racy topics. I went to Yoga this morning. I fought myself the whole way through it…my head did NOT want to be there today. I think it was partially due to being tired from a terrible night’s sleep that I’ll get to at the end of this post.

Yet another super attractive post-yoga pic. Sorry guys. It seems like a good idea at the time.



So I thought my outfit today was simple and cute until I walked upstairs and saw my co-worker Anna.



Shirt - Old Navy, Skirt - Loft, Shoes - Bakers





She thought it was weird that I was taking a picture of her.



Yes, she wins the fashion category. But she’s also from L.A. so I think she has an unfair advantage. Seriously the girl is freaking adorable and might as well live in a J.Crew catalog. Who else could pull off a tie at work??

Do you guys like this look? Have you ever attempted it?



Breakfast was eaten in a much less eventful way than yesterday. And I got a freaking amazing massage. I’ve already emailed the lady (her name is Jacquelyn Wright for any St. Louis readers) about booking a post half-marathon massage. She did some deep tissue work on my shoulders and I can feel it now! Every time I get a mini massage the therapist tells me that “I need some serious work done”. Do they say this to everyone? Are they just trying to get me to book with them? I mean I know my back gets pretty tense and knotty, but I’m not always sure who’s best interest they have in mind.

Lunch was leftover chili from last night, which I did not take a picture of because I ate with some girls from work that think I’m weird enough already for cooking so much. And my snack was *gasp* NOT OATMEAL! I had it with me, but was feeling something else. I had some unsweetened apple sauce and a Smores Luna Bar. Mmmm.


Wednesday nights mean Volleyball for me, and when the games are at 7 it really messes with my schedule. I like to eat dinner between 7 and 8, and am forced to eat around 6:30 because I know I wouldn’t make it until 8:30. Today I got started on dinner when I got home by popping some frozen brussel sprouts in the oven.

I also steamed some broccoli and spinach while I boiled whole wheat pasta.

I also made a sauce out of approx 2 tbsp hummus, 1 tbsp nutritional yeast, and some almond milk.

Combined it all in a big bowl….

Put half away for tomorrow’s lunch and dinner. is. served.


Dessert after volleyball was a piece of Ezekiel bread with raspberry jam and some TJ’s pumpkin butter. I bought the pumpkin butter last year and didn’t realize how obsessed people were until reading some blogs recently. I guess it is pretty good…

Eats = finito.



TOPIC OF THE DAY: Why I don’t sleep at night.

I bet you can’t wait.

I am an extremely restless and light sleeper. I also have the smallest bladder known to man and get up to use the bathroom at least twice each night. I’ve just gotten used to this and incorporated the interruptions into my planned sleep time. But it’s really not ideal. My mom thinks there must be something other than having to go to the bathroom that is causing me to wake up, but I’m not really sure!

I’ve been experimenting lately with eats/drinks/rituals before bed to see what helps. I’ve stopped drinking so much water at night (my Dad says I have a fear of dehydration)  and that helps a little. But I also don’t like that I’m purposely dehydrating myself, especially when I have a morning workout planned. I also have decided that my laptop stays downstairs and doesn’t venture into my bedroom so that I don’t have that stimulation around bedtime.

Recently I’m thinking maybe the little bit of caffeine in chocolatey desserts could be affecting how much I wake up? (I try not to drink caffeine after breakfast, but occasionally have some in the afternoon). Last night I had dark chocolate before bed and I was up AT LEAST 5 times. (I also had a liquid dessert and brought my computer to my room, but this was a rare exception I promise!)

  • Does anyone have similar problems or advice to share about getting a better night’s sleep?
  • Also, I’ve been informed that you all don’t get emails when I reply to your comments. Does anyone know how to change that?



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