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Checking Off The List

October 16, 2010

I have been blowing through my to-do list. Love that satisfaction. I am totallllyyy a list maker:)

It was a perfect day for the Farmer’s Market and I wish I could have stayed longer!

Kids were playing

and pumpkins were everywhere

And of course tons and tons of Halloween treats!

I couldn’t help picking up a little guy for myself. Should I paint it, carve it, or eat it? hmmm…

I, however, used my will power to avoid all the candies, home made butters, chocolates, and pies, and left with the huge pile of produce I went for. I got the mini pumpkin, 5 honey crisps, an orange to cure my sick bug, 6 bananas, 2 pears, a tomato, celery, 2 onions, an eggplant, 3 bell peppers, a yellow squash, and some garlic all for right at 20 bucks! Nice:)

Later at a little local grocery store I picked up other pantry necessities like veggie broth, canned beans and tomatoes, spelt flour, baking chocolate, oatmeal, aluminum foil, and kale. Like I said, the necessities.

I whipped through laundry, dishes, and nails during commercial breaks of the Notre Dame game…which we won! Snack was an orange and the last (yes LAST) of the muffins from last night. This was totally a “don’t delay the inevitable” eat…the muffin wasn’t going to make it through the day.

And then got to work on another Anne P. recipe – Sweet Potato Lentil chili! I’ve just been loving Anne P.’s recipes lately…maybe we have the same taste?? Or the same leftover ingredients to use in our fridge:) Of course I made some changes, the major one being that I used a butternut squash instead of a sweet potato. I also added an onion and only used two cans of diced tomatos.

Lentils simmering…

Added all the veggies and spices…

Finished Product!

Delicious! I loved the chunks of squash and carrot. I just finished a big bowl of it for dinner, and I’m starting to sweat. (TMI?) It made a HUGE pot so I’m going to freeze the rest for quick dinners later!

Do you know this was the first time I’d ever cooked with lentils, butternut squash, OR kale? Loved them all:)


Now my mom and I are off to a cool exhibit at the Science Center called Grossology. It’s about how your body works and is meant for kids, but of course my Pediatrician mother would love it. Should be a fun relaxing night before the race tomorrow!! I think I’m just going to wear my old Twister Board costume over my running clothes. Not the MOST creative but hopefully easy to run in.


Let’s hope this stuffy nose isn’t too much of a problem.




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  1. squigglefloey permalink
    October 17, 2010 4:49 am

    Hi girlie just found your adorable blog 🙂 Will be back soon!

  2. irene permalink
    October 18, 2010 4:04 pm

    I love the colors.. so pretty


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