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Dinner Mistake

October 26, 2010

Hellooo everyone!

Today has been relatively uneventful. I didn’t sleep well last night because of the crazy storms — I literally was awake just waiting for the tornado sirens to go off!!


I went to the gym today to do my scheduled speed work session, but my calves were still super sore! I didn’t want to miss a run this close to the half marathon, but thought it was probably safer to hop on the elliptical and not risk them feeling any worse. A nice magazine sesh sounded lovely anyway, and I ended up doing 45 minutes. Then I stretched and did some abs before getting ready for work.


Another more business-casual outfit.

Top - Target, Skirt - Banana Republic

Since we’re on a shoe roll, I thought I’d give you a close up of today’s. These are my FAVORITE shoes of all time. They are from Target about 5 years ago and are soo comfortable. But they are definitely on their last leg.

Target has the best shoes. The only time I get compliments on my shoes, they are from Target!



I had my usual yogurt mess for breakfast, even though I would have died for some pancakes. That’s what you get when you prep your food the night before…no allowance for cravings!

Lunch was a repeat of last night’s dinner, with a honey crisp for dessert. And snack was oatmeal + Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. I was super hungry and ended up just eating the whole almond butter packet. And then had the last of my roasted eggplant when I got home because my stomach was growling!
Here was the thought process on dinner:

  • I want a sweet potato. I’ll do the microwave kind.
  • Roasted brussel sprouts sound good, but I want to spruce them up a little bit.
  • I need protein in my meal, but I only have two Greek Yogurts left and I don’t want to open an entire can of black beans before I leave town.
  • I have frozen shrimp! I can add it to my brussel sprouts with some other veggies and put some sort of sauce on it

And so dinner was born. A salad of sorts made with spinach, roasted brussel sprouts, peas, and shrimp with a yummy balsamic dressing. On the side I had a sweet potato with cinnamon.

One problem…I started eating and realized the shrimp were not at all cooked. I ended up tossing them and I kinda feel sick right now knowing I ate that raw shrimp. I know I eat raw seafood all the time in sushi but this is just not sitting well 😦 Otherwise dinner was delish!


fav. food



So funny story. My brother just randomly showed up at our house before dinner (he lives about 15 minutes away) because he was nearby getting his haircut. My dad wasn’t home yet, but John had called him and he had said to come over for dinner.  Anyone sensing a theme? He did the exact same thing on Sunday night, even though my mom never said she was cooking! Well thankfully my mom had some pasta boiling and picked up some chicken on the way home.

So typical…my dad just assumes my mother is making dinner for everyone, even though that RARELY happens! She of course ended up whipping up a few extra things so there was enough food.

I guess that’s only really funny to me, because my dad does things that like all the time!


Around the web:

  • Cristin from EatLikeMe did a post on Building a Better Breakfast! I did a post last week on my tips on starting to eat a good breakfast, I figured getting some advice from an actual R.D. might be interesting to you. EatLikeMe was the first blog I ever read!
  • Monica from RunEatRepeat is having a Lululemon giveaway! AWESOME. Love their stuff but it’s so expensive!


Alright – gotta finish watching Glee and eat something else to get this raw shrimp taste outta my mouth. Night!


Added: My dad brought home like 10 huge chocolate chip cookies from work. Necessary? No. Delicious? Yes. No more fish taste:)

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  1. squigglefloey permalink
    October 26, 2010 10:21 pm

    I love your outfits they’re all SUPER adorbs!
    Definitely can remember that fishy taste that gets in your mouth from shrimp. I’m not much of a shrimp person, but when I do have them I usually dip them in some kinda sauce so they don’t taste as fishy.
    ps. do you make your own dinner aside from your families? Because that’s what I did pretty much after I left to college. Even when I go home for break or the summer I end up making my own stuff most of the time.

    • October 27, 2010 9:16 am

      Thanks on the outfits. This blog def. makes me try harder:)
      And I LOVE the taste of shrimp…these were just raw! And icky!

      As for the cooking, yes for the most part I cook for myself. At first this was a point of contention in the family, but they realized that I LOVE to cook and I usually come home with some craving or recipe in mind. I’d be glad to cook for them, but they aren’t as into what I make. And I’d eat what my parents do but it is usually meat based and it’s always debatable whether or not my mom will even cook at all!!

      It’s working out so far, but I do kind of wish we could have more “family dinners”.

      • squigglefloey permalink
        October 27, 2010 8:37 pm

        Haha same here!! My dad and brother are total carnivors. They can’t have a meal without meat. My brother wouldn’t eat veggies if he wasn’t forced. Sooo…since me and my mom are or less the opposite, we tend to pair off in our eats. Sometimes, even, we all end up having different things thrown together. 😛


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