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Justin Beiber Has A Nail Polish Line

October 27, 2010

Can we talk about that title?

As if the kid didn’t look enough like a girl, now he has a nail polish line with OPI.  I read it in US Weekly last night…I think it was one from two weeks ago.  I’m so behind on my celeb gossip. And I know the kid has a young girl fan base and it’s probably a good strategic move, but really?

Could most definitely pass as a girl.


Also, Chelsea Handler is dating 50 Cent. My world is falling apart.


So today I went to Bikram Yoga. Same teacher as usual on Wednesday mornings, whom I like because she is pretty forceful and loud. I need to get me going at 6:30 am! But today I had mixed feelings about her motivational tactics.

At one point she said “You people that have been practicing for a while…your postures have not improved at all! Why is that?”

Now to her advantage, that definitely pissed me off and made me try harder during the second set. But I also felt like it was kind of hurtful to those of us that have been trying really hard and maybe just aren’t having the best day of yoga! Some of the other teachers use a more gentle approach of  “If you keep working at this, you’ll get better every time. Keep going!”

  • Do you like tough love motivation, or do you prefer a more encouraging approach?



I have my family birthday dinner tonight so I wanted to wear something cute!

Sweater – BR, Tshirt – JCrew, Skirt – H&M, Boots – Target (duh)

I wore this skirt once before in September and stylized it a little differently. Which one do you prefer? I think I have a fav:)

 ***btw – just realized no pictures from old posts are showing up. I deleted some of my media library the other day to free up space and didn’t realize it would cause this problem. Guess I gotta go back and reupload all my pictures. 😦 UGH***


Switched it up for breakfast today and had Ezekiel bread with Justin’s Honey AB + half a banana. I don’t actually toast the bread, just heat it in the microwave. I think Ezekiel bread toasts kinda funny? Also, I guess my half banana was kinda small ’cause I ran out of slices. How sad:(



Also, I think LB is going to do a guest post while I’m in Florida this weekend! YAY! For other bloggers, what is the best way to do guest posts? Do I give her access to my account, or should she write it an send it to me?


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  1. October 27, 2010 3:34 pm

    Love your outfit 🙂 That skirt with those boots is super cute!

  2. October 27, 2010 4:03 pm

    SUCH a cute outfit! That’s something I would wear in a heartbreat!

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