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Detox Week

November 1, 2010

Back in St. Louis! It’s COLD here (compared to Florida), but a beautiful November 1st.


Did you guys like LB’s guest post?? Give her some feedback –she said she liked doing it so maybe we can convince her to post more often…or maybe even start her own blog? hmmm???? šŸ˜‰

I’m going to take the liberty of showing you a picture of how her costumeĀ  turned out:

Pretty awesome, right?


Well I’m working on a big St. Pete’s recap, and my body is currently dying. I went a little over board with the Halloween candy…I’m not sure how people say “they are going to limit themselves to a few pieces”. A few pieces to me is like 36. Oops.

I’m actually kinda nervous about feeling my best with the Half Marathon coming up this weekend, so I’m going to try to eat super clean this week! NO CANDY. MOM JUST MOVE THE BIG BOWL OF LEFTOVERS OUT OF SIGHT.

I started my day with a green monster, baked sweet potato and coffee. Odd breakfast, but good superfoods to get back on track!

Finally whipped out my fav.Ā  brown boots to wear. I held off until November..pretty good!

I’m currently drinking more coffee and trying to figure out what all of these emails mean at work. Tons of catch up to do…

Back soon with the recap!


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