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The Coolest Part Of My Job…

November 9, 2010

I DID end up being a little hungrier than normal yesterday, as expected. I had a Smores Luna Bar for a snack and then went back for one of my homemade oatmeal bars from Macaroon Monday. (Check out Heather’s post with all the entries!) Turns out my co-workers DID like the bars – they are all gone! The apple butter to go with them was a hit. They also liked the little instruction page I left with them:

I’m a total dork, but I get nervous when I share a healthy-ish food because I don’t want people expect it to be some lucious dessert and then end up hating it. But that’s probably a silly worry becuase my co-workers know me and the types of foods I eat, and they also appreciate free food in any form.




I went downstairs to my company’s gym after work. Before I got to business, I chatted with a few girls about how we desperately need some machine upgrades! We only have one old elliptical but we have like 7 ancient stair steppers that no one uses and some old treadmills that actually scare me. Considering my company’s new focus on health and wellness, you’d think they might consider an upgrade, right? I’m gonna try to figure out who I can make a suggestion to….

I ended up doing 30 very easy minutes on some weird hybrid elliptical thing, then finished with a little abs and arms. My legs felt pretty good the whole time! I’m itching to get my first run in:)



Pre-packaged vegan tamale + kale, marinated mushrooms, and sauteed veggies from Whole Foods.

Confession: I almost didn’t buy the tamales because there was no calorie count on the package. But then I told myself “You do NOT have an eating disorder” and put them in my cart. I’d been eyeing these guys for a while and am glad I finally tried them! I had one for dinner and saved the other one for lunch. They were good – I like the masa – but could have used more filling inside.

I guess the above is just an example of how I still struggle with disordered thoughts even though I consider myself fully recovered from my eating disorder. I think that’s pretty common, and am glad that I can recognize it and choose to ignore it.

For dessert I tried a new Z-bar flavor: Smores. I’m usually a chocolate brownie girl. I was slightly shocked when I took a bite and tasted marshmellow, which just made me feel stupid because DUH  Smores have marshmellow in them. It was a much less intense flavor than the chocolate brownie, but still a yummy dessert!



This morning I got up to go to Bikram Yoga. LOVE that it is light out around 6:15 now!! Going to make morning runs a lot easier.

Yoga was great, and only in one posture did my right knee start to bother me a little. (The first one after the back strengthening series for anyone that knows). I think it’s just still a little inflamed from the run, but I hope it gets back to normal because I really want to run tomorrow!! I’m going to a running store tonight after work to buy a jacket to wear in the winter. I think I’m going to get one with reflective parts so I feel more comfortable in the dark. Anyone have a favorite to recommend?


Back to corporate Clare. Just one of those days with some meetings and reviews, so a nicer outfit seemed appropriate. I also got to wear one of my new Style & Trend sale purchases! (the shirt)


Breakfast was a filling combo of a Barney Butter + Banana Sandwich and half a grapefruit. Grapefruit always reminds me of Alex – he LOVES them. 🙂 I can tell this breakfast definitely holds me over longer than overnight oats due to the carbs and fats. It also takes a lot less time to prep the night before. Win Win.

And lunch was the second tamale from Whole Foods along with some steamed edamame, broccoli and spinach.

For a sweet ending I tried a new purchase – Siggi’s yogurt!

I’d seen this product floating around the blog world for a while and was intrigued by the interesting flavors. A coupon at Whole Foods inspired me to buy it.

It was SUPER thick like a greek yogurt which I loved, and I also love that it is organic and has eco-friendly packaging. The flavor didn’t wow me. It was not too sweet, which is good, but I kind of expected more punch out of such a cool fruit combination. I think I’d buy a siggi’s occasionally for a snack if I saw an new flavor combo, but don’t think it’ll be a regular for me.

The Coolest Part of My Job:

In case you didn’t know, I have an entry level position in the product development department of a shoe company. It’s super fun to be around shoes and fashion all day, but I also have many a day spent making spreadsheets and other computer work. It’s just the nature of an entry level job, I think!

Well, some days are way more fun than others! Today my team is doing a design review of some new prototype shoes for next winter. Not only is it really fun to talk about new shoe ideas, but recently I’ve been able to be a shoe MODEL!

I’m not the sample size six, but my co-workers call me “flexi-foot” because I can usually squeeze my size seven foot right in. Having me try on the shoes is way more convenient than trying to book one of the standard shoe models, and I LOVE IT. It is so much fun to put them on and show them off. Maybe that’s a little diva in me showing through 😉

  • What is the coolest part of your job? Any perks that you wouldn’t expect? Make us all jealous!



Side note: I tried to arrange a harp lesson for tonight, but my teacher is in Italy this week. I think we’re on for next week, so I’m giving myself a little pat on the back for actually taking action on that missing part of my life!

Side note 2: I found the  boots that I wanted on my company’s wholesale site for way cheaper than the real price. Score.


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  1. squigglefloey permalink
    November 9, 2010 2:59 pm

    Your outfits are amazing!! Forget foot model, you should be an actual model! hehe
    Also, I admire your strength to tell yourself that you are over your ED thoughts, and grabbing those tamales. My mom’s family makes those every christmas (per tradition), and they are so good homemade! They always stick in one raisin for sweetening flavor, it’s cute.

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