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Is It A Dress Or A Skirt?

December 3, 2010

First things first:





Maggie has been one of my best friends since 7th grade, and we even went to college together. I can’t celebrate with her tonight since I’ve got a Nutcracker date with the girls, but I know she’ll do it right 😉


This morning at yoga, there was a man on my left and every time we laid down for savasana I was staring at his feet. The sight wasn’t pretty, but for some reason they smelled like dunkaroos. So while my mind was supposed to be still and I was supposed to be focusing on my breath, I kept thinking about scooping out the chocolate frosting with my finger before I even touched the cookies.

And then when I left yoga, it smelled like pizza outside. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.


This one was a total risk. See when I bought this “thing” from a little boutique near my house, they told me it was a dress. And I’ve worn it as a dress multiple times.

Exhibit A:

Kev's 21st Birthday, July 2010

But I was later informed that it was actually supposed to be a skirt. I didn’t really care that much because I think it makes a darn cute tube dress, but I figured I should try it out as it is meant to be. I’ve never even worn a long skirt before.

When I tried it on for my mom last night her response wasn’t all that great, but I went for it anyway. I planned to dress nicer today because I’m going straight to dinner and then the ballet. Picking out what shoes to wear with it was the hardest part!

What do you think? Is this outfit a total mistake? Do you like this piece better as a skirt or a dress?


What did you expect, really? AB & Banana sandwich and a Texas grapefruit, which I was informed are in season. I could totally tell too – this was the best, juiciest, easiest to eat grapefruit I’ve had in a while.

Lunch was a date with LB and Dani! Dani flew in this morning and LB showed her around a bit. They got to visit my torn apart work place (we’re renovating slowly) and then we hit up my favorite – Crazy Bowls and Wraps! You guys know that this is my favorite, and I’m proud to say that LB is now a huge fan too! I’d actually never eaten there at lunch, but I got my usual: tofu veggie bowl with brown rice, jalepeno cilantro sauce, light rice & extra veggies. MM.

rushed pic, sorry

Even though I was full, I was craving something sweet back at the office so I had a honey crisp. And now dinner is in an hour so I better work up an appetite!

Speaking of, I have been REALLY FULL lately. I’m never starving anymore during the afternoons or still hungry at night. I will just get to a point before meals where I’m a bit hungry and should eat, but not famished. I’m sure it is because as part of my effort to stop eating sweets, I have been upping my intake at my regular meals a teeny bit. I realize not letting myself get insanely hungry is a good thing, but I’m not used to the constant feeling of something in my stomach! Part of me worries that I’m actually over eating, but I think I’m also in better moods and sleep better with a  little bit more “real”  food throughout the day. It has definitely helped curb any cravings for chocolate or sweets, so I guess it’s working! And it’s not like I’m gaining weight or anything ( I think, I don’t weigh myself much)….it’s just a different feeling!

Leaving work soon for a fantastic girls night (+ my mom!). HAPPY FRIDAY!

8 Comments leave one →
  1. Kate permalink
    December 3, 2010 11:01 am

    Hm… I have to say it’s a toss up whether I like the shirt/dress better. It is nice that you have a piece that is so versatile and it looks great both ways 🙂 I love that you put your outfit up everyday. I love your style!

  2. irene permalink
    December 3, 2010 4:47 pm

    I like it as a dress more!! You’re so pretty 🙂

  3. squigglefloey permalink
    December 3, 2010 7:28 pm

    Hehe that’s so cute that its a girls night + mom. All my friends love my mom, so usually we end up back at my place chatting with her after having a girls night.
    I think you used your skirt much better as a tube dress, i.m.o. But for winter the skirt works, you know.
    Have a wonderful wknd!

  4. Kristin permalink
    December 3, 2010 9:30 pm

    i really like the skirt!! it is so unique yet trendy— i think i even like it better than it looks as a tube dress! way to take the risk and go for it 🙂 hope you’re having fun tonight!!

  5. Brandi permalink
    December 3, 2010 9:57 pm

    I like it better as a casual tube dress but totally love that you threw a black top over it and look fantastic! Also, for some reason, this outfit screams “night at the ballet” so its perfect 😉

  6. December 3, 2010 10:31 pm

    I think it both looks good!

  7. December 3, 2010 11:33 pm

    i do like it as a dress better but its cute as a skirt and you pulled it off.. i on the other hand would not be able to haha

  8. December 4, 2010 9:10 am

    From working at Macy’s, I was told that those could be worn as a dress or skirt, so I guess either is fine!

    I know what you mean about feeling full all the time. I think it might be related to stress or my cycle. Either way it does go away after a while, so I just tough it out.

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