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I’ll Have Fish Another Time

December 16, 2010

Can I just say how great it was to hear about all of your different stories about antidepressants? It seems that while it’s common to use medication as an aide to eating disorder recovery, it is also common  for those in the blog world to turn to a healthy lifestyle to keep depression and anxiety at a minimum. Lots of similar experiences…love that!

When I woke up there was a thin layer of ice on the ground (and on my car!) Lots of schools were closed or starting late, but I decided to just go about my day as usual. I honestly had zero troubles on the roads, though I heard horror stories from others.


The marathon training plan had a 3 miler scheduled for today, which I completed in 25 1/2 minutes on the treadmill. I followed that by 15 minutes of elliptical intervals, this time speeding up during the chorus of songs instead of just for a minute at the beginning of each new song like I usually do. Why? Because there was a man blocking the clock. Simple as that.

Afterward I stretched and foam rolled before ab exercises and a few lunges, squats, etc. I’m trying to be really good about foam rolling after every run, no matter the distance, just to make sure my muscles don’t cramp up. It’s working so far! I’m also trying to be better about incorporating strength training! Both Emily (of the new Daily Garnish!) & Katie have posted recently about the importance of weight training and it has inspired me to step it up a little more. I’d love to do some sort of formal program once all this running nonsense is over.


I mentioned yesterday that I had no idea what to wear today. So I turned to my personal stylist, Irene, who suggested skinnies, a blazer, and boots. I haven’t worn this J. Crew boyfriend blazer in forever!! I also threw on bunches of jewelry today – 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets on top of my usual rings and watch. I liked the look, but the bracelets kept getting in the way and making noise while I was typing.


Have you learned how to make whipped banana oatmeal yet? Ever since I decided I don’t need tons of crazy mix-ins to make a great bowl of oats, banana oatmeal with nut butter has been my favorite breakfast.

These Justin’s Nut Butter packets are perfect for buying in bulk and keeping at work. I get 2 servings out of each packet and have a bunch of flavors like honey peanut butter and maple almond butter, but today I stuck to the classic.

Half a packet squeezed on top of slightly sweet and creamy oats makes for a healthy and filling morning meal.

Lunch was the rest of my spaghetti squash, this time with baked tofu instead of black beans. On the side a little honey crisp. There was a slight mishap while microwaving lunch (as in, I spilled it everywhere), but I cleaned it all up and it still tasted great! It just looks a little…well, disgusting.

Snack was the same as yesterday – greek yogurt with two clementines and some Kashi Go Lean. I’m allllmost through my box of clementines.

And I didn’t have anything specific planned for dinner, but a simple soup and sandwich sounded good. My dad asked if I wanted to have fish with them (my mom reminded him there was not nearly enough) but I would have likely declined anyway. It was a prepackaged fish meal from Trader Joes, and while TJ’s tends to have delicious and healthy products, I like to make most of my pescatarian meals something fresh and special.

  • Is there any food or dish that you like to save as a special treat?

I had a can of Amy’s low sodium split pea soup and a sandwich if soy cheese, tomato, and spinach on TJ’s sprouted grain bread.

The rest of the night will be spent catching up on blogs and possibly putting some ornaments on the tree.

Is anyone else SO FREAKING RELIEVED that tomorrow is Friday???

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  1. December 16, 2010 8:41 pm

    HEY pretty girl!
    thanks so much for the shoutout- you are awesome!! I always LOVE looking at your outfits!! yay for friday- thank the Lord it is here! (ALTHO I am on break, haha, but i do have fun things planned this weekend!)

  2. Mrs Fish permalink
    December 16, 2010 8:58 pm

    Sooo glad that tomorrow is Friday! I can’t wait for the weekend! Two snow days=s crazy kiddos.

  3. December 16, 2010 11:35 pm

    What does your ab training regimen usually consist of? How long does it take? Keep up the good work. Thanks!

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