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Guest Post: Straccia Christmas!

December 24, 2010

Hi everyone!

I’m Danielle and am so blessed & lucky to be one of Clare’s roommates and best friends from college!

The Roomies: Molly, Dani, LB, Me

As a daily follower of the blog, it’s so exciting to be a guest poster! My friend LB had a guest post around Halloween, and she did a fabulous job! Just like her, I’m lucky this posting falls around a holiday! J 4 days until CHRISTMAS!!

This holiday finds me extremely excited, as it is my first Christmas home as a girl living on her own! After Notre Dame, I moved to Columbus, OH where I work for Abercrombie & Fitch doing merchandising for A&F Bare Knit Tops. I absolutely love it, and am so happy to be working in the fashion industry as I always dreamed. Shout out to my team, you are the best!

 I was actually supposed to be in Columbus working right now, anxiously awaiting my Wednesday night flight home. But…3 ½ extra days of vacation time found me able to make a quick change of plans and jet home Friday night to surprise my parents! I decided to drive the 7 hours home instead of flying, and called my parents at 1:30 in the morning:

Me: “Dad? Hi! Sorry to call you so late, but can you do me a favor??”

Dad’s brain: “Oh no, what’s wrong? She never calls me this late…UH OH…”

Me: “Look out your bedroom window!”

Dad: “Why?”

Me: “Just do it!!”

I’m smiling from ear to ear, and I see the silhouette of my dad peeking out the window. There I am in my car sitting in the driveway, waving excitedly up to his shocked face. My mom & dad rush to the front door, and I shout “I’m your early Christmas Present!!” They were so ecstatic to see me, and couldn’t believe that I was actually home when they weren’t expecting me until Wednesday evening. I had been talking to my mom on the phone earlier and told her I was going to an ugly sweater party, LIE! Little did they know I was filling up gas in Central PA at that point J I also beat my brother Billy & sister Laura home, as they were heading home from Notre Dame Saturday morning. Such a sneaky one I am!
It was a great start to a holiday at home and I’m so happy I have a few extra days to spend with my family and friends. On Saturday, I woke up and did some Christmas shopping with my mom, then met up with my friend Amy to catch the bus to NYC and spend a weekend with our best friends from high school. Kristi graduated from NYU two years ago, and is now following her dream of being a dancer. We’re so proud of her! Our friend Molly also met us, and we grabbed dinner together with Kristi, her cousin Kevin, and Kevin’s roommate Kevin! We had a great night together – and even got some dancing time in at a club in the city. I have to say, dancing is one of my favorite things to do, and we sure didn’t disappoint!

I got home to Allentown, PA just in time Sunday afternoon to catch the 2nd half of the Philadelphia Eagles game. For those of you who didn’t see, check it out below. My family was absolutely going NUTS – another MIRACLE IN THE MEADOWLANDS! Just like the Brady’s & Cardinals, the Straccia’s are huge Eagles fans! GO BIRDS!
Sunday night, my family decorated our Christmas tree with a warm fire crackling. My two adorable (& knucklehead) cousins Devin & Drew joined. While hanging ornaments on the tree, I had to laugh, as I thought of the difference between our family tree & my mini Columbus tree. 14 feet vs 3 feet just doesn’t exactly compare!!



The goofballs:

After sending these crazy kids home to fall asleep, my family wanted to see a movie. After debating between “Tangled “ &  “How do you Know”, we spared our dad’s sanity and went for “How do you Know.” A very cute film, definitely recommend seeing it! Paul Rudd is fabulously hysterical and Reese Witherspoon stunning as always! Tangled is still on the agenda…don’t you worry!

Well, my brother Billy is yelling at me to hurry up and come Christmas shopping with him. We have some things to finish up! On for tonight, a little “Eloise at Christmastime” viewing with Kristi & a zuuuuuumba class in the morning. Favorite Christmas movie and favorite exercise class – life can’t be better!


I’m eloise. I’m six. I absolutely love the plaza!!

Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Hope Santa treats you well

Best wishes for a safe & happy New Year!


PS: I leave you with one more goodie. Marcel the Shell has got to be about the cutest thing on the face of the earth. I’m sure you all have seen it, but if you haven’t, see below– it is sure to warm your heart!

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