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Soup Redemption

December 28, 2010

I’m so glad I decided not to be anti-social and went to see the girls from dance last night! Even though I only stayed for a half hour, catching up was so wonderful. I did spend a night each week with these girls for 15 years after all!

We met at a popular Irish Pub called McGurk’s. It was actually the first real bar I went to, since we used to go after dance performances when I was pretty little. In fact, two guys that I used to play music with still play there every Monday night!

Ian & Kevin On Stage

Hannah, Sophie, Me & Jill


I was still in bed to get plenty of rest before this morning’s 6 mile run. My mid week runs had been 3-5-3, but have now been bumped up to 3-6-3. I know I can run that distance pretty easily, it’s just hard and kinda boring so early in the morning! Today instead of watching the Today Show I flipped one of the TVs to America’s Next Top  Model. Nude horse photoshoots are much more important that hearing how much MORE snow the east coast got, anyway!

Since the run took nearly an hour, I didn’t have time to do anything else except stretch and do a single one minute plank.


When viewed at that size, I can tell I look extremely unhappy. I’m not, I promise!

Black tshirt dress that I pulled out of the back of my closet and some new faux pearl strands my mom gave me for Christmas.



Oatmeal made with an extreeeemely ripe banana. Looks gross, but tastes extra sweet!

And lunch required no decisions. I just had to redeem myself after yesterday’s awful soup. Today I nailed it with a can of Amy’s Cream of Tomato and another salad from the cafeteria. They ran out of small salad bowls so this one looks dinky in the big container.

This Amy’s soup is just so delicious. Even being low sodium and pretty low calorie, it still is creamy and slightly sweet! My tastebuds have completely forgotten yesterday’s disaster.


And my surprise of the day was when my old boss presented me with a late Christmas gift! I was curious – she already baked everyone her famous cookies – so what was she giving me?

An awesome hot pink Coach wallet! Ummm THANK YOU! So generous and unexpected!! I love it and now need to write her the longest and most gracious Thank You card ever. Yay for working with fantastic people.

PS: Not a single person asnwered my “what’s your favorite plague” question. COME ON.


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  1. Mrs Fish permalink
    December 28, 2010 2:15 pm

    I interned at an insurance company in college, and they had a free soup and salad bar for their employees. I miss it sooo much! Looks like you had a great night!

  2. December 28, 2010 6:02 pm

    such a nice gift from your boss!
    ps my favorite plague is hail, mainly because I love rain, but have an intense fear of huge storms, especially when they include hail

  3. December 28, 2010 8:18 pm

    i really love your outfit today! Where do you take your outfit shots such a nice big open space! I hate taking mirror pics in my house its so cramped haha

    I also really want some chick peas after seeing you lunch 🙂

  4. December 29, 2010 8:22 am

    I’m jealous of your cafeteria salad! We don’t have one where I work, so I’m limited to what I bring.

    That’s an awesome gift from your boss too! I wish my boss gave me something cool like that. 🙂

    My favorite plague would probably be locusts. No idea why.

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