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Taking The Plunge

December 28, 2010

I did it.



I finally registered for the Marathon.

Though I’ve been training for a few weeks, I never actually paid for the race because there was still some doubt in the back of my mind that I’d actually run it. But prices are going up on January 1st and waiting until race day to register isn’t an option. So now it’s official: I’m running a marathon in April.

I also did something else a little less monumental. When at Target buying The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest I also picked up a little packet of post-it notes.

I’ve thought about leaving Operation Beautiful notes a couple of times, but never had any post-its. Now I have this little carrying case to keep in my purse so I can leave them anywhere and everywhere. I’ve already got a few “shoe” related notes in mind for work, and might even send some in to Caitlin for her new Teen & Tween book!

After work I finished Skinny Bitch, we I recently started re-reading. The book is extreme, and I do not plan on becoming vegan (the only thing really stopping me is my greek yogurt and occasional friend eggs), but it’s hilarious and is a good reminder to pay attention about what we are putting in our bodies!

  • Have you read Skinny Bitch? What did you think?


Dinner was strikingly similar to yesterdays, and I’m very sad that my brussel sprouts are gone now. To me the whole bag is only two servings (or one if I’m feeling frisky). I need to roast these by the truckful!

Time to watch the Kennedy Center Honors! Apparently the “classiest show on television”.

Also, if anyone has ever been to El Paso, TX and has some good recommendations for restaurants or activities, let me know!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Mrs Fish permalink
    December 28, 2010 10:06 pm

    Congrats on registering! It makes your event seem so “real.” 🙂

  2. December 29, 2010 6:28 am

    congrats on registering!

    I love leaving operation beautiful notes. I wish I could lerk around and see people when they find them but thats creepy hahah 🙂

    I read skinny bitch and it was the final thing that finally got me to become a vegetarian, I had been thinking about trying it for so long but didn’t know if i could do it… so easy 🙂 Deff extreme though

  3. December 29, 2010 6:37 am

    Hey there! I saw your comment on CarrotsNCake about maybe getting your own domain name for your blog. I just got my own for only $10 through blogger and they bascially do the whole switch for you! (Just something to think about 🙂

  4. December 29, 2010 7:58 pm

    I keep meaning to start leaving Operation Beautiful notes but I forget all the time 😦
    I’ve totally read Skinny Bitch, and I do plan on switching to a vegan diet in the new year. I think the hardest thing to give up would be eggs and cheese.

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