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Only One Way To Describe It

January 28, 2011

Today was, in a word, exhausting.



Somehow I ended up with a long list of things to do at work, and with most of the team traveling to New York for a big show next week a lot of it was on a strict deadline. Luckily I had my Whole Foods lunch date to get away for a little bit!

Whole Foods Salad Bar Action (I call it it the cold bar…because there is a hot bar, and so the other one is the cold bar!)

On a bed of mixed greens and purple cabbage: chick peas, vegan power salad (saved it for last because it’s sweet like dessert!), vegan cleanse salad, quinoa salad, shredded cabbage, sesame string beans.

I devoured it. Over good conversation with LB. I don’t get to see her nearly enough for living in the same city. She hasn’t quite become the old cat lady that I am and still goes to bed after 10pm.


Work continued with random last minute things to find and do before next week. I also had a progress review with my boss. She just started her role about 2 months ago and wanted to wait until we had worked together for a while before she reviewed me.

The review wasn’t anything unexpected, really, but it’s always kind of hard to need any negative feedback. She told me that I’m smart and a quick learner and that I always get my work done on time. The two of us get a long super well and gossip like teenagers throughout the day, so relationship-wise we are 100% on track. When I expressed that I was struggling to find a way to make myself stand out within the division, she agreed. She told me that now that I’ve been with the team for a few months, I need to be more proactive about getting ready for next steps. Basically, I should know that we have a certain meeting coming up, think back and remember that the work room needed to be set up in a certain way for that meeting, and then do it before I am told to (for one example).

Simple, right? Absolutely. And I am catching on to what needs to be done more which is really rewarding. My difficulty is that lots of things require packages and shipments, and they aren’t delivered to me so I never know where they are! I also am still not on a lot of the meeting invitations because they are sent MONTHS ahead of time, so sometimes I am not even aware when one is happening! But it is really nice to have a goal to work towards.

One other thing she mentioned was that I need to be more in your face. She stressed how important it is to brand yourself within a division and a company, because people do talk and you want them to be able to say great things. This is one other area I have trouble with because I feel like I am bothering people if I go ask them questions and try to talk to them when they are busy. But my boss said that it won’t be seen that way;  that I need to make my presence known, and since lots of my work is behind the scenes it may take a more conscious effort.

I’m not upset with this review at all. In fact, in a past internship I wasn’t given any negative feedback until my final review when I had no chance to correct anything! Now that was frustrating. But now I have some concrete things to work on and am looking forward to being more involved with my department. It’s funny, I am pretty outgoing and type A, so you’d think these things would come naturally. I guess it just shows that adjusting to a corporate culture and being the “new kid” can definitely cause some personality changes!


WOW probably more than you wanted to hear.

Somewhere in the midst of that busy day I managed to grab my old classic snack: an apple and Greek yogurt. First time having Greek Yogurt in a while, but it’s been being neglected in the fridge! Today I didn’t use any stevia, and actually really enjoyed the slight tart against the sweet apple. I also really enjoyed that I wasn’t ingesting artificial sweetener.

A drawn out team meeting meant It was 6pm and I still had work to do. Then a system outage followed by some program errors meant it was 7:30 before I left work. At that point, I wanted food and I didn’t want to have to think about it. Enter Crazy Bowls & Wraps, my version of comfort food. Some of the workers there actually know me, even though I go far far less than I used to. Some of the workers also probably think I have no friends because I like to go eat by myself.

Got my usual tofu veggie bowl with brown rice and jalepeno cilantro sauce. Downed it in about 5 minutes flat and headed home where I had to clean out my whole gym back because my shampoo spilled all over the place again.

When I sat down to type this post I was actually really on edge. Between the piles of work, the performance review, long hours, and shampoo explosion, I just felt like I was going to go crazy. I had a grapefruit and some pretzels but could sense that I needed to find a way to relax before I went on some bad stress-related eating binge again.

And know what? I feel 100% better now. Blogging is such a stress relief! It really does help to sort through your emotions in words, and lucky  YOU gets to read about it. 😉


15 mile run scheduled for tomorrow! It’s supposed to be a little warmer (aka not below freezing) so I could run it outside, but there is a Nova vs. Georgetown game on TV! Is it weird that I almost prefer to run inside now? TV + Water + Bathrooms + Lack of freezing temperatures just seems much more appealing these days.

And if you want to read something that might blow your mind. Or piss you off:

Hope you are all having a GREAT start to the weekend!

  • Have you ever struggled to make yourself stand out at work?
  • Any tips for a newbie corporate girl like me?
8 Comments leave one →
  1. January 28, 2011 11:47 pm

    wow i want that bowl.

    also, next time you go to WF you need to try the vegan chocolate pudding. total dark choc. deliciousness. yummmm.

    also, i’m so glad i don’t have an office job and projects and all that. don’t get me wrong, i hate what i do some days, but i think i would hate all the hoops of office politics, etc.!

  2. squigglefloey permalink
    January 29, 2011 1:13 am

    Wait, so what is that girl in that post saying? That no one’s going to like you with a little extra weight? 😦 ‘Tis sad, and untrue.
    I’m glad you got through that mtng with a positive attitude, and are looking at the changes that can be made. There’s always room for improvement! You’re such a hardworking and dedicated girl — look at how far you’ve come in your blog!!
    Best of luck on the run tmrw!!! Wish I was over there to go to Crazy bowls with ya! haha

  3. January 29, 2011 5:09 am

    I agree that getting constructive criticism is key to making changes; its nice to hear that you’re doing well, but how do you improve from there?
    Good luck with your long run! 🙂

  4. January 29, 2011 9:10 am

    It seems like you’re doing really well at the company! Both things your boss mentioned are probably going to be easy for you to do! 🙂

  5. January 29, 2011 10:05 am

    Mmm your whole foods lunch looks AMAZINNGG i wish i could go right now and get some myself!

    I do fine with constructive criticism because i know how to improve but you gotta have the positive as well!
    ( i dont do so well when constructive criticism if it is not given constructively though, meaning your berated for mistakes instead of told you need to work on it)<– my current problem
    i can relate to your progress review a little ( i have not had mine yet i believe its next month) but my boss has been telling me i need to STEP UP, so thats what im trying to work on 🙂

  6. January 29, 2011 10:06 am

    PS– GOOD LUCK ON YOUR RUN!! Im doing 10 miles today but 15 is hardcore!

  7. January 29, 2011 12:50 pm

    Just make everyone laugh constantly. That’ll get you noticed : )


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