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Early To Bed…

March 8, 2011

Happy to hear so many of you love bread butts and human butts! I actually don’t call the ends of bread “butts”. I think I just call them “the ends” or “the crust”, but it’s way more fun to say butt.


Last night I went to bed at 9pm and got a glorious 9 hours of sleep. Alex and I usually talk on the phone around 9pm, but he texted me at 8:30 to let me know he was exhausted and already in bed. Sounds like we were both a little tattered from the weekend!

The extra sleep was especially essential because I had my LAST morning 8-mile run today! Next week drops down to 5 since I have a 20 miler, and after that it’s taper time. The 8-miler was a tempo run for me:

  • 2.5 miles @ 6.5 mph
  • 3 miles @ 7 mph (8:34 pace)
  • 2.5 miles @ 6.5 mph

I had a lemon sublime GU at mile 4. I really didn’t even want to try this flavor since I love the vanilla and chocolate so much, but it’s one of LB’s favorite so I gave it shot. It’s definitely not BAD, just not what I would want to be eating at 7am! Good thing I have two cases of my favorite flavors coming in the mail.


I have nothing to say about this outfit except that I hadn’t worn this navy sweater in a while. And that I desperately need new brown boots.



I loved yesterday’s overnight oats so much that I decided to make them again, just without the jar. Instead I plopped some TJ’s almond butter on top and also added a few strawberries. Definitely not as good as in the jar, but still sweet and creamy!


And THIS is the thick chew I’m talking about. DIG IN!


Riddle me this:

  • What time do you normally go to bed at night?

I’m a total morning person and I try to be in bed by 9, asleep by 10 at the latest. It’s hard for me to stay awake later than that on weekends too!

Also, found this article: “Too Many Vitamins Harmful to Health?” . Since I wrote a post on the vitamins I take, I thought it was interesting to hear that I probably don’t need to be taking them at all!

Happy Mardi Gras!

15 Comments leave one →
  1. March 8, 2011 10:15 am

    I go to bed @ around 11:30/ midnight and get up for 5am to go to work..

    That food looks scrumptious! mmmmm

    You have some really nice, white teeth!


  2. March 8, 2011 10:22 am

    Clare I have said this before and I will say it again. You should be a model. Like for some catalog with really pretty, really wholesome looking girls. Maybe Delia’s. Just sayin.

  3. March 8, 2011 10:25 am

    Great, gorgeous scarf!!

  4. March 8, 2011 10:29 am

    When I was working full time as a teacher, I used to go to bed at 830 all the time..even on the weekends! But now that I’m working at a restaurant, my best hours are at night so I go to bed more close to 11 or 12 now!

    I love your cardi! Long cardi’s are the best.

  5. March 8, 2011 10:47 am

    I’m with ya girl. I feel like an old woman going to bed at 10-10:30, but my body thanks me in the morning 🙂

  6. March 8, 2011 11:57 am

    I usually go to bed around 1030 or 11 but last night I was so exhausted that I passed out at 930! lol

  7. March 8, 2011 12:19 pm

    Bedtime for me is typically between 8:30 and 9:30.

    I love your outfit today! The scarf really snazzes it up. Snazzes? You’re snazzy. 🙂

  8. March 8, 2011 1:13 pm

    I usually go to bed around 10:30 or 11. But when I used to do 5am workouts, I was usually tucked in by 9:30 at the latest :D.

  9. Brandi permalink
    March 8, 2011 2:14 pm

    Oh im totally a night person, always have been. Rarely do I go to bed before midnight…I have to be just completely, utterly spent. My bedtime occurs between 12:00-1:00 and get up around 6:30 (im a night runner except on race day). I really feel my best, most creative, most productive at night. Too bad I have a day job!!!

    And must add that I agree with the other comments that you should be a model! You are very photogenic!

  10. March 8, 2011 2:18 pm

    DANG YOU ARE SO FAST- i wnt to be agood runner so badly!!! i usualy go to bed 10:30 ishh!

  11. March 8, 2011 3:27 pm

    love your outfit and he colorful scarf!
    I usually go to bed around 11-1130… since i stopped 5:30am workouts. But when i did get up at 530 my bedtime was closer to 10!

  12. March 8, 2011 4:52 pm

    I wish I could be a morning person! I usually go to bed around 11:15-12:15. So not healthy, I know.

  13. March 8, 2011 7:28 pm

    UMMMMM I am so obsessed with your outfit today. And I want that scarf suppaaaa bad!!

  14. squigglefloey permalink
    March 8, 2011 7:30 pm

    I have always been a complete night person. I love the quietness and not having anyone bother me…just being able to think and be in my own space.
    That combined with the fact that I’m a college student who doesn’t wake up early to workout in the morning should give you a broad idea of what time I go to bed 😛
    heh heh

  15. sophonisba permalink
    March 9, 2011 7:43 pm

    I kind of wish I could go to bed that early and work out before work, but I’m a definite night person. I try to be in bed with the lights off by about 11 on weekdays but it’s a struggle.

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