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Bootylicious Blog Award

April 27, 2011

Last week, the lovely Carrie awarded me with her very own Bootylicious blog award. Fitting, as I’ve always had a little junk in the trunk:)


1. Post this award with the picture and name whoever tagged you in it

2. Do the STUFF

3. Award to 7 others and tell them you did so!


1. Name 3 things that are lying right next to you 

2. Name 2 foods you cannot live without 

3. Name 1 thing you did today


 Here I go:

1. 3 things lying next to me are a stack of papers for work, my cell phone, and some pantone color swatches.

2. I don’t think I could live without….crunchy apples (pink lady or honey crisp!) and dark chocolate. Cravings for those two things always come back.

3. Today I went to Barnes and Noble during lunch and bought myself a daily prayer book. I loved doing the Lenten reflections each morning and am going to try to keep it up year round.


And if I had more than 5 minutes of a break to do this I’d award it to tons of worthy recipients (do flat-butted friends count?). But alas I don’t, so back to ordering shoe samples. Instead why don’t ALL OF YOU answer one of these questions for me? Deal? Deal.

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