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June 7, 2011

When I woke up this morning I sent this tweet:


And then after a little research I found this:


I’m not crazy! A little after 3 am I was woken up by what felt like my bed slightly shaking. It wasn’t anything drastic though so I kind of figured it was in my head and went back to sleep. Turns out there really was an earthquake about 50 miles southwest of the city and people could feel it as far away as Alabama. Fortunately there were no injuries and there is no damage – many people weren’t even aware it happened. I’m just hoping this isn’t a precursor to something worse coming on the fault line that runs through Missouri.


We have record breaking heat, tornadoes, flooding, and swarming cicadas…the last thing we need is a terrible earthquake.


When my alarm woke me up this morning I bounded out of bed to head to spin class. I was feeling pretty good this morning and really pushed it on my sprints. After class I completed the New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women workout 1B (review coming this afternoon!!) and then spent my 15 minutes of spare time casually on the elliptical.


What’s white and black and coral all over…? Bad joke. Just wanted to wear this scarf from Old Navy.



On the way to work I popped into Starbucks to purchase my latest obsession: Iced Decaf Americano. I used up my last gift card today so this little habit is going to get expensive quickly. I need to figure out if I can brew iced coffee and keep it at work…


My breakfast at work was oatmeal beefed up with chia seeds, vanilla protein powder, and half a banana. TJ’s Valencia Peanut Butter on top. I’m almost out of this jar…can’t wait for overnight oats!


Talk to you later!


  • Have you ever felt an earthquake?
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  1. June 7, 2011 10:12 am

    I never have, but don’t want to! We live near train tracks so when my bed shakes in the middle of the night I know it is from that 🙂

  2. June 7, 2011 10:14 am

    Crazy that you felt an earth quake! Are they common in that part of the country? I’ve never felt one.

    I love your skirt, too! The combo of colors is awesome!

  3. June 7, 2011 10:15 am

    Wasn’t there an earthquake in St. Louis last year strangely? Maybe it was two years…

  4. June 7, 2011 10:15 am

    Brewing my own iced coffee has literally saved me about $30 a week on Starbucks! Now it’s a once in a while treat for me. Plus, I like that I can use unsweetened almond milk in favour of the milk at 5Bucks 🙂

    And I have felt an earthquake twice. They were both relatively tiny tremors in Windsor, Ontario that originated from the North. It felt kind of cool but it would be terrifying if it were any more powerful than that.

  5. June 7, 2011 10:19 am

    Cute skirt! I’ve never felt an earthquake… pretty rare in my part of the country.

  6. June 7, 2011 10:21 am

    that’s so crazy that you felt an earthquake!!
    i never have!
    loove that outfit!! probably one of my favs of yours!
    p.s. so random, but i had a dream last night that we had an accidental blogger meet up haha. you were hosting something in my hometown and i just happened to bump into you.. crazy! lol

  7. June 7, 2011 10:34 am

    Super adorable outfit today!!

  8. June 7, 2011 10:37 am

    Woah! So glad it wasn’t too close to you! I haven’t ever felt an earthquake, but there has been one pretty close to here before!

  9. June 7, 2011 10:38 am

    I had the same kind of experience a couple years ago! I was talking about it in math class the next morning and apparently it was like a 4.2 or something? So crazy!

    PS, any interest in being my personal shopper? Your outfits are fantastic!

  10. June 7, 2011 10:42 am

    WHERE is your skirt from? So cute!

  11. Molly permalink
    June 7, 2011 10:48 am

    OMG that’s so crazy! I’m glad you’re ok, and that everyone in Missouri is unharmed! I’m from Los Angeles, and have lived through some pretty crazy earthquakes. The big one (Northridge 1996) destroyed our chimney, but I slept right through the whole thing! The scariest part is when an earthquake happens and you’re in an office building, because they are built on rollers (to avoid collapse in the event of a major quake) and the whole building sways back and forth like you’re on a boat.

    I love your scarft! It’s so cute!

  12. Kelsey @ Unmitigated Grub permalink
    June 7, 2011 10:56 am

    CRAZY! I thought earthquakes were reserved for Califonians–not the Midwest!! So glad you’re okay.

    Your breakfast looks especially delicious today, and I agree with others, love your skirt 🙂

  13. Hannah (tickledtofu) permalink
    June 7, 2011 11:01 am

    Your outfit is adorable! Especially that scarf!
    I’m addicted to Starbucks iced coffee as well…it’s just so good!

  14. June 7, 2011 11:14 am

    ahh glad u are okay!! i was in an earthquake when i was like 1 yrs old in CA.. apparently it was a rly serious one.. the door detached and flew straight into my dad!

  15. June 7, 2011 11:16 am

    Everything is happening in MO… Active summer in your neck of the woods!!!
    Hot little outfit


  16. June 7, 2011 11:38 am

    ha I felt it too!! I said that to my husband this morning and he kind of laughed at me…but I had the last laugh because it was indeed an earthquake! 🙂

  17. June 7, 2011 11:50 am

    Do you have any Dunn Bros down their Clare? They sell their Infinite Black iced coffee in growlers. I always have one in my fridge in the summer!

  18. Sara @ The Foodie Diaries permalink
    June 7, 2011 12:13 pm

    I’ve never felt an earthquake, but my neighbors used to live in California! They experienced a huge earth quake when their kids were 5, 3, and 2 and after that they decided they needed to move away. It wasn’t safe for their family anymore. That’s so crazy that you experienced one!!!

  19. June 7, 2011 12:16 pm

    That’s crazy! That just proves that when you have a gut feeling you are more than likely right! I would have jsut thought I had a really weird dream. haha. Super cute skirt!

  20. June 7, 2011 12:18 pm

    “new” rules for weight lifting eh? i wonder how new they are? looking forward to your review.

  21. June 7, 2011 12:27 pm

    YIKES earthquake!! I’ve never experienced one, thank goodness! Glad it wasn’t a serious one in St. Louis!

    I love that you had so much time to work out! Spin + lifting + “casual” elliptical time? So jealous. 🙂

    What is a decaf americano? I thought an americano was espresso + water…do they do decaf espresso? So much to learn about the coffee world! haha

  22. June 7, 2011 12:43 pm

    For brewing iced coffee, I definitely recommend cold brewing to reduce any bitterness. Basically you steep the grinds in cold water to extract the flavor. Its awesome!

  23. June 7, 2011 1:23 pm

    I have not felt an earthquake…and honestly it probably would freak me out!

    P.S. Love the new scarf! 🙂

  24. June 7, 2011 1:32 pm

    I haven’t felt one! That is insane!

  25. June 7, 2011 2:01 pm

    Cute outfit as always! Coral is a good color on you!

    And that must have been so weird waking up during it! I’ve never felt an earthquake while sleeping (probably because I’m a very deep sleeper) but living in CA, we feel earthquakes all the time! It’s always a little weird but I’m very grateful that I’ve never felt one that did any damage in the area where I was!

  26. runningonapples permalink
    June 7, 2011 2:36 pm

    Nope! That’s so crazy. BTW, that skirt and the scarf is adorable!

  27. June 7, 2011 7:01 pm

    Oh my goodness that is crazy!!! So glad that you are okay and no damage was done.

  28. June 7, 2011 7:47 pm

    Love your scarf….glad to hear you’re okay despite the earthquake!!

  29. Abby permalink
    June 8, 2011 2:30 pm

    How scary! I have the same Americano addiction! I just put money on a Starbucks card each paycheck and then when it runs out no more coffee until the next check! It works well but it would be better to start making coffee at home! Lol. It just isn’t the same though!

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